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Hi All,
I need few suggestion from ETL regarding certification programs.
I have 2.5 years of exp. as Abinitio Developer(ETL). I am on the bench and waiting for a project. Meanwhile I want to gain more knowledge on ETL and I am planning to do certification program. but, I have lot of confusion and doubts regarding the certification programs in ETL area.

Could anyone please give the needful suggestions for me. Also, can any one suggest the steps/sources of availability for improving my knowledge in ETL.
Thanks in Advance..........

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  • Oct 3rd, 2014

Hello Raj,

Ab-Initio Certifications are only available in United States which can cost around $3-4k. Residents outside states dont have this privilege. Presuming that you are in India, I would recommend you to go-ahead with Teradata SQL and Oracle SQL Certifications.

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