Window or Object is not displayed issue with Oracle NCA protocol

I Have recorded a script on Oracle application using Oracle NCA, HTTP/HTML web protocol. When I replay the script, 1st iteration is going on smooth & replay is failed on 2nd iteration.
Business Scenario:
User will login to application, enter some details in form & submit. Then a Srevice Request(SR will be raised. After that user will logout. This is my business scenario.
Record & settings did:
I kept Login script in Vuser_INIT section, SR raising part in ACTION section, Logout part in Vuser_END section. No.of iterations are 2. Only one session id got captured during recording, so I correlated it. Everything is fine & executed the script for 2 iterations. 1st iteration is success & SR got raised. During 2nd iteration, it is failing.
Can any one suggest me how to resolve this issue? Plz do not say, Check the previous postings. I checked so many forums but couldnot find out the solution for this.

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  • Oct 22nd, 2013

As per my experience in Oracle NCA, there is 2 co-relation needs to be performed.
1. Jsession ID (i.e. session ID, which you have already done)
2. ICX ticket

Let me know if this helps

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  • Apr 22nd, 2015

Hi... Put your launch and login in Action section only and paste these functions at the beginning of the script
this will work for sure..

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  • Mar 6th, 2016

It means in the second iteration correlation IDs are not getting updated, it may be because of the few correlation IDs related to action part placed in Vuser_init, so call that correlation values in to an variable and call the same variable in to action.

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