Following facts are givena) Either Alister is older or Alex is olderb) Either Hansy is older or Alex is youngerthan who is older & who is younger

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shishir suman

  • Jul 31st, 2006

the answer should be:

hansy is older than alex & alex is older than alister, hence the order will be:


reason :

if alister is older than alex then, since no relation between Hansy & alister is given, the order cannot be determined from the given two, alex is older than alister. clue no. 2 both ways comes to the same conclusion than hansy is older than alex. that is the reason of my answer.

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  • Mar 10th, 2007

hi suman,
                 i have done it in other way plz check it out........
  the relation is between alister and alx n hansy and alex ,condition for younger is possi. only for alex so he is the younger .if alx is the younger  hansy cnnot be the older one ,hence alister is the older
ans.alister older, alex is younger since the qusetion askedis which one  is younger and which one  is older.

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