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What is pile foundation?

Asked by: CivilGuru | Member Since Apr-2006 | Asked on: Apr 13th, 2006

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Answered On : May 29th, 2006

This type of foundatuions are used construct Tall straures. pile foundation is foundation in which the foundation is build for the purpose of erecting a teall strauctre without failure

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Answered On : Oct 12th, 2006

Pile foundation is one type of deep foundation. It is used where the good soil is at higher depth (10 or 15 m) or soil having low bearing capacity. Pile is also used for tall structures. In pile foundation load coming from the super structure is taken by pile cap and equally distributed in no. of piles. PIle transfers this load in to the soil.

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Answered On : Nov 5th, 2006

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it a deep foundation,generally used when1.rocky strata is present at large depth 2.whn soil near foundation is soft(i.e less shear strength)

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Answered On : Nov 4th, 2007

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  Pile foundation is adeep foundation it is usally used in loose soil or block cotton soil .       Load of the building coming from pilecap equally distributed to pile group

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Answered On : Jun 29th, 2009

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Pile foundation is one type of deep foundation. It is used where soil having low bearing capacity respect to load coming on structure or the the stresses developed due to Eq cannot be
accommodated by shallow foundation due to size restriction.Major load from super structure is resisted by friction between pile and soil.
There are different type of Piles like Bulb pile etc. which is used at specific location.For to good stability of structure in Eq and wind load, it is advisable pile foundation for High rise building.
We can also maintain CG of building and load as near as possible with the help of Pile foundation.

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Answered On : Oct 14th, 2009

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Pile foundation is a structural member which is used to transit the load from
super structure to under layer soil stratum, its usually used in case of :
- Low bearing capacity of the soil.
- High load condition such as in bridge, towers.
There are many types of pile:
- According to its shape, there are square, circular and rectangular piles,
rectangular piles usually used when the pile is subjected to moment.
- According to its installation, there are board and driven piles.
The common method to analysis the piles is based on the soil mechanics bases.

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