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What is BVA and ECP?Explain with one example

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Answered On : Feb 4th, 2006

Equavalece class partion: Equvalence partion is a black box testing method.Divides input domain of a program into classes of data from which testcases can be derived.  In Equavalence partioning a test case designed as to uncover group of class of errors. Here the input domain is divided into classes groups data.  These classes are known as equvalence class,the process of making these equvalence classes is known as equvalence class partion.

Equavalence class partion represents a set of valid and invalid states of every input conditons

Boundary value Analaysis: It has been observer that Program that work correctly for a set of values.In an Equavalece class fail on some special values These values often lie on boundary of equavalece class.

BVA testcases are extreme test cases.

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Answered On : May 23rd, 2006

Boundary Value

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Answered On : May 23rd, 2006

  • Boundary value analysis(BVA) & Equal class partitions(ECP) are two different mathematical notations.
  • BVA is used for range /size where as ECP is used for type of the object values in functionality testing.

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Answered On : Nov 14th, 2007


ECP:- In it we divide the whole class into different modules we can say makes small parts of that to make testing convienient. lets assume the class can take values from 1-100 then we can divide it in 10 sub modules 1-10,10-20 etc.all these are equal parts of the same module to make testing easy.

BVA- its done after ECP. In it we check boundary values of ECP 1-10 we check minimum value by taking 0,1,2 & for maximum values we'll take 9,10,11.

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