How do you go about making an important decision affecting your career?

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Deepak Gupta

  • Sep 5th, 2005

Career decisions are surely the toughest one and almost inevitable. I follow my instincts during any doubtful situations. b'coz in dilema u r not in the position to make a decision. what better guide can we get, other then our inner voice, during those difficult situations. This doesn't infact means that decision regarding the priority in life be left just to intuitions. Intuitions also needs input in the form of one's likes and dislikes. Goals proper set once, as such, go a long way in creating a good intuitive judgement. 

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  • Apr 29th, 2009

Career and the taking decision for it, depends upon to overcome the weakness of yours  with your internal ability to come up with the todays hotspot career streams.Therefore I shall take it as a serious challenge for to take to my career decision. I am an electrical engineer and a technical recruiter. Both the things are merely different but are actually hand in hand. Technical recruiter brings me an effective personality because everyday I used to deal to the foreign citizens and challenges. It built up my communication skills a great well. I found there is no point of hesitation in me today. And academic records says that I am an Electrical Engineer that brings an effective eleigibility to face the todays competitions.

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