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Cap Gemini Placement Procedure

I appeared in Cap gemini and to my surprise i was'nt selected ...Cap gemini has generally 2-3 sets of question booklets but still try to appear in the second batch. Paper has 3 sections.
1.) Quantitative 25 ques
2.) Analytical 30 ques
3.) Verbal ques 25 ques

The most easy section is the verbal section. Just prepare Barrons well. One or the other unsolved test papers of Barron's are replicated as it is in the papers...that means antonyms, synonyms, sentence correction ..fill in the blanks words like gaffe, contentious, altrustic, belligerent....

Quanta is so so ..i mean 60 % is easy and rest is a bit tough...go thru the geometric theorms, formulas, quadriatic and linera section well.

Analytical is the most tricker's very tempting bcoz 1 paragraph may fetch you 4 correct answers...puzzles..all puzzles like 1 speaks french b speaks chinesse and english..c speaks french and ... so arrange them in a comfortable position so that they can converse with each other...other question's like a heavier then b, m heavier then i and j , k lighter then d who is d heaviest ?? so on.....

15 question's are easy but very time consuming and rest questions although seem to be easy but try avoiding to attempt all questions coz that will eat up all your time unless you are very good at analytical.....

Total quest 80
Total time 90 min's

they say that there is no sectional cut off but still they have minimum 5 5 8 questions..

No Group Discussion Tech Interview (very easy) and then HR ( tough)... Good package and good company...Try well and all the best ...

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Nov 19th, 2005
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S Mandal

Answered On : Dec 21st, 2005

Hello Amit... Capgemini is visiting our campus of iit kharagpur on 28th dec. and the package is decent if not great, they r offering 3.2 CTC. god knows how much in hand. but guess that would be ard 20K i read ur details on the capGemini procedure... strange enuf u didnt make it. sorry for u . I have few queries and would like u to clarify them ASAP.1. what CapGemini does actually , is it a normal s/w company . a little on the company /2. u faced the exam n the interview.... what do u think that made u out of the final list. Atleast a guess. 3. a Final tip from you.thats it....mail me as soon as possile , surely before 28th dec. at samip2u@yahoo.comSandy

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saurabh srivastav

Answered On : Jan 30th, 2006

Hi friends,i am in engineering college called bengal institute of technology at kolkata.on 16-17th aug 05 capgemini came 4 campus selection.the selection process is 3 rounds first is aptitude part which is general not very tough or not very easy but ya i found it a bit lengthy.they said their is no sectional cutoff but i suppose they hav. then u have to go thru technical interview and then HR both interview lasted 4 around 20-25 min.they asked me variety of question from many topics like java ,n/w ing,data structure and c. and in HR just b cool and give honest answers ,HR is preety tough. after going thru all these i got selected and am joininig on july o6BEST OF LUCK 4 ALL U GUYS

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siddharth roy

Answered On : Apr 5th, 2006

hi!!can u brief me a bit more on the test.??

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Answered On : Apr 10th, 2006

Hi guys...I want to know how much Cap Gemini is offering to s/w proffessionals with 2 years work-exp and are they gonna set up a development center in Kolkata in 2006?Bhasko

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Answered On : Apr 16th, 2006

hellloi am a student of compe engg.capgemnin will come our college for selection,plzz give me a description of apti ,interview .how can i prepare for apti,is gre baron enough?u have wriitten that geometry is also ver y important,i have seen that type of geomatry type question in baron (gre).can i practise those questions?plzz help me

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Asif Khan

Answered On : Apr 20th, 2006

HiDoes anybody know the hr mail or a consultant for CapGemini Kolkata. I am intereted in applying there. Or even an employee who is willing to refer me.

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Arohi Locham

Answered On : Apr 28th, 2006

Hello Amit!This is Arohi from SIR MVIT , Bangalore. Capgemini is visiting our col on may 9. Tell me how to prepare for analytical n quantitative sections. which books?Pl reply soon.Arohi

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Answered On : May 2nd, 2006

I am interested to join Capgemini Kolkata in SAP. Could anyone please guide me (where to apply) ?

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Answered On : May 15th, 2006

You can send me back your profile I will forward to the concerned HR.thanks,shubh

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Answered On : May 16th, 2006

guysdoes anybody know how to apply capegemini kolkata in .NET tech? regdsSounak

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Answered On : Jun 16th, 2006

shub and all other CGEYites,can you pls give me some good contact of kolkata HR of CG? we are in the process of sending our college brochure for plcmnts next year. pls revert back only if you know the HR contact from within and not merely from the website.

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Answered On : Jun 17th, 2006

Can anybdy plz give me some info abt cg qunta & hr

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Answered On : Jun 23rd, 2006

        this is an emergency msg............someone plz send me frescale placement paper and placement procedure............plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Answered On : Jul 10th, 2006

I've been placed in Capgemini through on campuss. I've mentioned the brief interview details here. Visit the above link. And if you have any query, post comment on my blog-site. Thanks.

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Answered On : Jul 26th, 2006

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Answered On : Aug 10th, 2006

Could u plz tel me bout the written procedure of capgemini n wat do v study from ...

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I am also interested in joining Capgemini ,Kolkata. i am having 1.2 years exp in a reputed org. can anyone help me in this regard?

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cool man

Answered On : Oct 10th, 2006

Hi Guys,To apply for Capgemini, just send a mail to

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Answered On : Oct 15th, 2006

I want to join in cap gemini on .net plz guide me.

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chandan kumar

Answered On : Oct 31st, 2006

hi amit,please send me some of sample placement papers of cap gemini. thanks and regards,chandan kumar

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Answered On : Nov 2nd, 2006

Thanks a lot dude

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Answered On : Nov 4th, 2006

hi....... i m revathi if you could plz send some of the questions  that u had for ur interview it will be very help full to me if u can plz mail those questions to me as early as possible plz.........

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Answered On : Nov 5th, 2006

Hi SaurabhI am going to appear for Cap plz can u tell u succeded..and how shud i prepare for test,intervew tech and hr both...plz reply as soon as possible.thanks...and also give me interview tips...shud we b honest to our answers or answer just to impress themThanks reply at preett_chana@yahoo.caas soon as possible

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Answered On : Nov 5th, 2006

hey tis is manasa here.plz guyz can anyone help me out 4 the apptitude round?i mean wat kind of questions tat r asked,n which r the technical feilds tat v must be well versed with plz let me knw.....plz do mail me some aptitude queston papers if u hv mail id

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Answered On : Nov 6th, 2006

Hi Amit....Plz help me...  CapGemini  Co. will come in my college.  plz tell me which topic cover by this co in test. I am waiting your reply

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amit ghumra

Answered On : Nov 6th, 2006

hi...i m amit ghumra from pune.Cap gemini is going to visit our colg on 10th nov.i want to know all the questions that appear in their paper. its good if u can get the papers from somewhere.should i refer r s agarwal for preparation or only barons is fine???do reply as early as possible.

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Answered On : Nov 7th, 2006

Hi....first of all,congrates 4 getting job.I would like to know about the capgemini interview question....i mean to say that from which topic they generally ask the question.they ask Q according to the resume or basic language like c,java.if they ask about C,JAVA then whhich type of ques they ask...very basic...or some typical one.plz let me know as soon as possible coz having interview on 18nov.or ny other information regarding this....plz send me as soon as possible

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Sudipto Chakrabarty

Answered On : Dec 13th, 2006

Hi all,I am presently working in Infosys technologies ltd.I work on Microsoft technologies(DOTNET) in Product Engineering domain and our client is Microsoft.Can any one tell me about the job opportunities and hiring policy of Capgemini?I have one year of Experience and I want a good profile in SAP.Feel free to mail me with any information.RegardsSudipto

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Arjun Laha

Answered On : Dec 29th, 2006

Hi,I am working in Infosys for a year and two months in in CRM practise Enterprise solution .I want to get into capgemini.What is the process followed in the company?Arjun

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