What's main difference between smoke and sanity testing? When these are performed? Explain with example

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  • Nov 19th, 2005

According to Josh   Smoke testing :In which the application is tested initially inorder to ensure whether all functionalities are available to perform detail testing on them

sanity testing:In which one can perform testing on an overall application initially to check whether the application is proper in terms of availability and Usability.


  • Nov 20th, 2005

SMoke testing: With out significant of software we can continue with this testing(new version).Sanity testing : with significant of software we have to applay this testing(new version)

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  • Nov 24th, 2005

In the Smoke testing we are testing the stability of the application w.Wether it is stable for further testing.Thats why it is th first one in the systemtesting.Sanity testing ,is testing the health of the application,like all menus are opening (or)system is not hanging and so...on

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According to most of the companies ,there is no diff between these two. but

Smoke Testing is a process to check the total functionality of an application for done testing completely. It' s a scripted .

Sanity Testing is a process to  check the proper behaviour of an application to conduct Testing. it's not a scripted.

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  • Dec 25th, 2005

Hi all,

typically an initial testing effort to determine if a new software version is performing well enough to accept it for a major testing effort. For example, if the new software is crashing systems every 5 minutes, bogging down systems to a crawl, or corrupting databases, the software may not be in a 'sane' enough condition to warrant further testing in its current state.


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Sanity testing is done to check each and every functionality of the system or build system before going to the indepth testing. This testing will be performed by the developer before putting the file on to the testing environment.

Smoke testing is done by the tester to check each and every functionality of the system or build system before going to the indepth testing.


  • Jan 19th, 2006

Smoke Testing is carried out to ensure whether system is alive.

Sanity Testing is carried out to ensure that major functions of system are functioning according to functional specs.

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SMOKE TESTING:  To Check the Build for further Testing is possible or not either Software or Hardware specifications is called Smoke Test

        Its Build level Verification Test.

       Obviously Build Verification Test is called Smoke Test right.

SANITY TEST: Inital testing effort is done by Inspections, Review and Walkthroghs any added functionality is done on Sanity Testing.

      Its comes under System Testing Phase

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  • Feb 9th, 2006

Conceptually both r same.Perceptionally they r different.

In both the testings we check for the availability for the entire application.InSmoke Testing we just whether the entire application is present or not whereas in Sanity Testing we check for whether the entire application available is proper  or not.

Sanity comes from word 'Sane' which means pure or proper

Posted by Radhika B


  • Feb 15th, 2006

Smoke Testing : After receiving the build from development team, to check the stability of the build for further testing, smoke testing is done.Sanity Testing : To conduct testing on build after long period even though we know that it is working abosultely. Checking once again that application is working or not.

smoke testing -- testing carried out soon after the build is released, to check how stable the build is and to ensure that the build is available for indepth testing.

sanity testing -- set of basic test cases that need to be xecuted on every build to ensure the proper functionality of the basic features.

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Rami Reddy

  • Feb 23rd, 2006

  Dear all,

According to me there are no much more diff b/n smoke and sanity testing.

Smoke Testing : Chking the main functionality of main module.

   Why it is named smoke testing ?

 Basically it is done for electical engineering ensure that electrical equipments does not cause any harmful or it will free from short circuts and smoke.

Sanity Testing :

  Checking that Sysytem availability for particular h/w and s/w. i,e it is suitable or not.

  If any thing new def found let me know.


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  • Aug 14th, 2006

Sanity testing is used to test in intial check up is made on the build after recieving from developer. Smoke testing is small shake up in the sanity testing. In the smoke testing test engineers reject the build with out any reason. Sanity is manditory in testing. Smoke testing is Optional in the testing.

If have any doubts can ask me.

sudhakar kolla.


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  • Sep 22nd, 2006

Smoke testing:When a new build is received ,testing the build to ensure that the basic functionality is working fine and to ensure that build is stable and can be considered for further testing is known as "Smoke Testing"

Sanity Testing:When a major bug is filed in a build,developers will fix that particular bug alone and releases a new build ,testing the new build to check the particular issue is fixed and fixture  has not caused any impact on other functionality,is known as "Sanity Testing"

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  • Sep 26th, 2006

What the developers do is called the unit testing -Sanity test is done to check if the system is sane enough to carry out the testingeg: a build is given by the developer, initial testing done to ensure that functions/modules are stable for further testing is called sanitySmoke test: eg. before deployment of any new updates, testing to check if the overall functionality , existing is working as required without any indepth testing.

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  • Sep 27th, 2006

Smoke Tesing:

    Is nothing but test Whether the Application is ready to test or not.that means basic level testing.

Sanity Testing:

Whenever the cursory test is sufficiant to test that time we are using the sanity tesing. 

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  • Sep 29th, 2006

Sanity Testing: Testing the basic fuctionality of our application or its a intial stage of Testing or its a tester acceptance testing wether the build is ready for complete testing r not.

Smoke Testing: After integration testing , smoke testing is performed to test is there any broken functionality r not. it touches each functinality in our applications.

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  • Oct 27th, 2006

Smoke and sanity are same..

Both of them are done to ensure the build is stable for further testing..

Testing which is done at development site its smoke testing

Testing which is done by testing team is Sanity testing

correct me if am wrong

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  • Dec 11th, 2006

I have seen ur definition for smoke and sanity testing in google, what u said is  completely a reverse way

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  • Mar 7th, 2007

A sanity test or sanity check is a basic test to quickly evaluate the validity of a claim or calculation. In mathematics, for example, when multiplying by three or nine, that the sum of the digits of the result is a multiple of 3 or 9 respectively is a sanity test.

In computer science it is a very brief run-through of the functionality of a computer program, system, calculation, or other analysis, to assure that the system or methodology works as expected, often prior to a more exhaustive round of testing.

Sanity tests are sometimes mistakenly equated to smoke tests. Where a distinction is made between sanity testing and smoke testing, it's usually in one of two directions. Either sanity testing is a focused but limited form of regression testing – narrow and deep, but cursory; or it's broad and shallow, like a smoke test, but concerned more with the possibility of "insane behavior" such as slowing the entire system to a crawl, or destroying the database, but is not as thorough as a true smoke test.

Generally, a smoke test is scripted (either using a written set of tests or an automated test), whereas a sanity test is usually unscripted.

With the evolution of test methodologies, sanity tests are useful both for initial environment validation and future interactive increments. The process of sanity testing begins with the execution of some online transactions of various modules, batch programs of various modules to see whether the software runs without any hindrance or abnormal termination. This practice can help identify most of the environment related problems. A classic example of this in programming is the hello world program. If a person has just set up a computer and a compiler, a quick sanity test can be performed to see if the compiler actually works: write a program that simply displays the words "hello world".


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Lakshmi Reddy Lakkireddy

  • Jun 8th, 2007

Difference b/n sanity and smoke test?

Sanity test:Sanity test is done to check whether the application is build on client requirements or not ...

Smoke test:is done on Builds (.exe file)to check whether  Overall Functionalities is working or not....

Note:If 60 % of Functionality are not working we have to stop testing.

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  • Jul 8th, 2007

Smoke Testing is intial level testing to chk whether complete functionality is available or not.It is done at build level.
Sanity testing is initial level testing to chk whether application behaviour is proper or not. It is done at system level

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  • Aug 15th, 2007

Smoke Testing: It is called a build verification testing. A quick and a dirty test that the major functionalities of the application works. Its a brief test to determine if its basically operational.

Sanity Test: It is called Build Acceptance Testing. Typically an initial testing efforts to determine if a new software version is performing well enough to accept it for a major testing effort

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  • Aug 27th, 2007

Smoke testing: When the build is coming to tester's side from dev side
tester will go for smoke i.e means the build is executable or not.

Sanity testing: Executable built stable or not any crashers in the build.
the built shutdowns every five minutes and there is no further movement.

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  • Jun 2nd, 2008

smoke testing is done by developer.he would check the flow of models,whether all the library files are included properly or not,whether all function calls are made properly or not.it is done before the build is handled to the testing team.It is scripted testing

sanity is done by tester.testing the stability of the application. ie by giving large no of inputs,running the application again and again,closing and opening of the program.It is non-scripted testing.

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  • Jun 3rd, 2008

Smoke testing: It is initial testing when the build released by developemnt team tester is going t oensure ther are no showstoppers and is able to navigate each and everylink and able t oenter data in the fields before going t oconduct major testing.

Sanity testing: This also initial le4vel testing conducted to check the application usability,accessibility and availability.

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  • Jun 27th, 2008

 A smoke test determines whether it is possible to continue testing, as opposed to whether it is reasonable, A software smoke test determines whether the program launches and whether its interfaces are accessible and responsible (for example, the responsiveness of a web page or an input button). If the smoke test fails, it is impossible to conduct a sanity test.

In contrast, the ideal sanity test exercises the smallest subset of application functions needed to determine whether the application logic is generally functional and correct (for example, an interest rate calculation for a financial application). If the sanity test fails, it is not reasonable to attempt more rigorous testing. Both sanity tests and smoke tests are ways to avoid wasting time and effort by quickly determining whether an application is too flawed to merit any rigorous testing. Many companies run sanity tests on a weekly build as part of their development process

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Smoke Testing : an initial testing in which we check whether the basic functionality is working fine or not with the help of few checklist, so once we get the new build we will execute those checklist. On execution of those checklist and make sure that all are passed then we will accept the build and go further to do detailed testing on each and every functionality, if any of the checklist fails we will reject the build.
Sanity Testing : an initial testing conducted on an application in order to make sure that total functionality is proper

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Smoke testing is done from the developers side to test whether the build is stable to moveforward for the testing phase where as sanity testing is done from the testers side to identify whether the given software build is testable or not means we are going to concentrate on the main points where exctly we concnetrate on the main functionalities thru out the build

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  • May 8th, 2009

Smoke Testing: Before the build is released the Devloper will check whether the build is for detailed testing/or not i.e known as Smoke Testing.

Sanity Testing : After the build is released the Test Engineer will check whether the build is proper for detailed checking or not i.e known as Sanity Testing.

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Sanity Testing:
While getting the fresh build Tester has to test the Application without the help of Testcases.
With his knowledge he can do the testing application here and there. To Prove the Application further we can test with test cases.
After passed this testing only tester has to do all the types of testing.

Smoke Testing:
After getting the fixed build Tester has to test the Application without the help of Testcases. with his knowledge he can do the testing application here and there. To Prove the Application further we can test with test cases
After passed this testing only tester has to do Retesting and regression Testing .

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Smoke Testing:
Is it possible to continue testing where testing is done for all functions without testing the small functions (Testing is wide but shallow).
Smoke Testing is done by Developers before submitting to tester or done by tester before accepting for actual testing.

Sanity Testing:
Is it reasonable to continue testing where testing is done for one particular area/function in depth all its functions (Testing is narrow and in depth).
Sanity testing is done to check particular function.

Both Sanity Testing and Smoke Testing are done prior to actual testing to avoid wasting of time by quickly determine the result.

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  • Aug 18th, 2009

Smoke Testing : After receiving the build from development team, to check the stability of the build for further testing, smoke testing is done. (check whether all the pages are found)

Sanity Testing : To conduct testing on build after long period even though we know that it is working abs. Checking once again that application is working or not.

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The difference between a smoke and sanity testing is:

A smoke test verifies whether all components of the software are available and acceptible for testing.  Example:  A builder has just released an application to the test team and they perform a build verification test (smoke test) to ensure it can be tested.  Major defects are expected. 

A sanity test verifies whether all components of the software are working properly.  Example:  The development team has introduced a fix in production and testers have been asked to perform a sanity test to ensure major functionalities have not been negatively impacted by the fix.  Major defects are not expected.  


  • Jan 5th, 2010

Please NOTE that Sanity Testing, Smoke Testing, Dry Run are the same name given to Smoke Testing. In different project we will use different termenology .

Smoke Testing : Once the Build is given by the developer the Quick test is done on the application  by the testers on the important  features so that they can accept this build for further testing.  In case there is a blocker defect they can find it at early stages.

Smoke testing is done once by the developer after integration before giving the build for the Testers to ensure that the overall application is working, Smoke Testing is done by testers for every new build since when they get a new build there are chances that some important feature itself is not working due to changes in code .so to ensure that the testers can go ahead with testing they do quick test on important features.

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  • Feb 2nd, 2010

I am working as test engg frm 2 years as of I know there is no difference between smoke and sanity testing in both test we test a build for stablity wheather to proceed furthur testing of not but different companies call it different names when I was working on my 1st project we use name smoke test and sanity test in my 2nd test and there is no difference between smoke, sanity, dry run, skim testing all are same.

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SMOKE testing is done after receiving the new build. The major functionalities are tested to ensure that the software is acceptable for further test.

SANITY testing can be done at the end of functional testing to ensure that all the major functionalities are working correctly

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  • Oct 11th, 2011

Smoke testing : To check whether the functions needed are present or not
Sanity testing : To check whether the functions needed are working fine or not

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