What is bidirectional Traceability matrix briefly explain?

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  • Feb 2nd, 2006

It is a traceability matrix which links the required testcases with their respective requirements as well as functional specs,design spec. It is bidirectional because mostly it happens that instead of writing the actual requirements and functional specifications in the table we write the corresponding column no. and hyperlink it so you click on that and it will take you to the respective page and also that if any change has to be done in any document, no need to change in the RTM.


  • Jun 5th, 2007

In our tracebility matrix there is no column for "Defects".
If you will add "Defects" column in your tracebility matrix then it is Bi-Directional tracebility matrix otherwise it is uni-Directional tracebility Matrix.

In uni-directional tracebility matrix only we can check whether our testcases covered all the requirements or not

But in Bi-Directional tracebility matrix after getting the defects we can see this defects is related to which teast case as well as which requirement.
so in bi-directional tracebility matrix we have two options for mapping.

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