Infosys Placement Paper 28th Sep 2005 by Bharti

This is so strange that infy people gave same paper on two dates 28 oct 2004 and 28 sep 2005
these two dates having more than 9 month gap
that means on 28 sep 2005 some persons were writing same paper that they have written on 28oct 2004

the question are may not be in correct sequence   i am giving you my answers also (that may not be correct)

here is that paper

1.          if a person is sitting in a exam having 30 questions (objective type)
the examiner use the formula to calculate the score is S=30+4c-w here c is number of correct answer and w is number of wrong answer , the examiner find the score is more than 80, tell how may questions  are correct ? if the score is little less but still more than 80 then u wont be able to answer.
answer :- 16

2. if a cube of 27 meter *meter*meter painted  red from out side , if it cut        into  27 equal part , then how many cubes were there
(a) no face painted ---------------------------------ans 1
(b) only one face painted------------------------ ans--6
(c) only two faces painted..........................ans 12
(d) three faces painted..............................ans .8

3. if a person having 1000 rs and he want to distribute this to his five children in the manner that ecah son having 20 rs more than the younger one , what will be the share of youngest child                     ans- 160

4.raju having some coins want to distribute to his 5 son , 5 dauter and driver in a manner that , he gave fist coin to driver and 1/5 of remaining to first son he again gave one to driver and 1/5 to 2nd son and so on....
at last he equally distributed all the coins to 5 daughters.
how many coins raju initially have???   ans:-881(i was not able to do this question)

5. a,b,c, are three person in a city there can only three type of person can be found sososean:- who speaks truth always, norosean who speaks false always, midsean who sepeak truth / false alternately but which come first time it is not known

(a) A says (1) i am sorosean
( 2) b is  norosean

(b)b says (1) i am sorosean
(2) c is midsean

(c) C says (1) i am sorosean
(2)  a is midsean

very esay one answer is  A is midsean F/T, B is Norosean, C is Sorosean

6. a painter went in a exibition to purcahes some pictures whrere T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z pictures were remaining , he want to buy only five in the condition on that
if T is there then X should not be there,
if U is there than y should  be there
if if v is there then X shold be there

which is the combination the painter can have
(a) T,U,V,W,Y
(d)T,U,Y,W,Z                            ans (d)
some more question on this basis

7. if ravi binded his book and the binder cut the pages of the book , ravi decided to mark the pages by himself own , what he found that number of three appears 61 times find of number of pages               answer - 300

8. if a die is marked according like that 1-6, 2-5,3-4 comes apposite to each other, what is the number of combination that a die can be marked????
ans - 1 only ( as i think)

9. if deepak & suresh were going to school by cycle with 12 mile /hour speed
deepak shouted "hey suresh    see the same bus of ble color that we have see before 20 minutes ago " suresh replied "ya this buses comes in eaxch 14 minutes on stop"  can u find the speed of bus               answer  40 mile /hour


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