What are your +ve and -ve qualities?

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  • Sep 9th, 2005

My +ve qualities 
I believe and worship these 3 works 
Home work 
Team work 
Hard work 
My -ve qualities 
I don't know 
If i know, i would have corrected them already.

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  • Sep 12th, 2005

my +ve qualities are that i believe in my self,my +ve thinging my consistance my -ve qualities are my eagerness and my consesness


  • Oct 25th, 2005

My positive qualities are1.self confidence , punctuality and an helping mentalitysincerity,hardworking and trustworthness are always my motto.My negative qualities are1. I am a bit selfish in nature, trying to overcome it.

bhawesh gururani

  • Mar 9th, 2006

my +ves are:

i am a result oriented and firmly determined person.Strongly believe in myself.

i owe a continuously evolving personality and assertive nature.

my -ves are:

about this what i personaly feel is that idont have any negative however there are few areas to work upon such as my communication and i being a lose tempered person has to overcome it.


  • May 17th, 2006

just give the strenths regarding u have.

but when u come on the -ve side, even though u have don't expose it. And if they compel, just say that my -ve  side is that iam easygoing. The answer should not decelerate your thoughts or mind.

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  • May 22nd, 2006

+ve- I see things in different way.

-ve- My Adult ego

With Regards

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  • Oct 20th, 2006

never say that ur family is ur strength or weakness. strengths and weaknesses mean those qualities of yours which would help or hinder your work in the company. when u put out a weakness make it a point to tell what r u doing to come out of it.




  • Nov 21st, 2006

Positive Qualities:Tell ur strenghths like hardworking ,Team player, easy learner so on...

Negative  Qualities: Always say it ur negative qualities sounding positive. Ex: become restless untill i finish my task.


  • Feb 13th, 2007

I gues most people can easily answer their strengths. But keep in mind that the strength should be one that helps one do their job better. There is no denying that no one is perfect. Therefore, try not to answer this question in the form of a lie i.e "I don't have a weakness". A good way is to point out the fact that you are not all knowing i.e if you go for Fixed Assets accountant then let the interviewer know that your weakness is that you don't know enough about Taxation (which is not a job requirement to begin with). I hope you got my point.

Sadanandam yadav .bethi

  • Aug 10th, 2011

My +ve qualities are self confidence , self request ,hard work and thinking knowledge ..and also -ve qualities are laziness

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  • Aug 20th, 2011

My positive qualities :Iam a hard worker ,I have self confident,I have some leadership qualities,iam a good communicator

My negative qualities:I feel very regret, when i ll do some silly mistakes but iam hardly working to overcome that negative quality

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  • Nov 15th, 2015

My strength are my positive attitude, hardworking, self confident, friendly nature and my negative quality are my weakness, eagerness.

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Heena rawat

  • Jun 6th, 2018

My positive point is self confidence, positive attitude, friendly nature, hard working, time work
And negative point is, try to better complete my work

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