What is parity generation ?

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  • Jun 1st, 2005

During transmission, input signals may get affected by noices. parity generator will generate the parity bit for input signals. 
They will transmit the input signals along with parity bits. In output side, they will check the parity bit to find out the noice impact on signals.


  • Apr 19th, 2006

parity generation is used for checking whether the data received by transmission is correct or not

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Ramachandran P.R

  • Apr 30th, 2006

First of all understand the question correctly,what is parity generation? not why parity generation?Ans :parity generation is generation of code word according to number of 1's present in that particular word,(example:10001010 for odd:0 or for even:1)

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  • Dec 22nd, 2009

A parity bit offers a small amount of error checking, to help detect data corruption that might occur during transmission [ can be noise].  [ But its not fully error free]

We can set odd parity or even parity

If Even Parity chosen --> if the number of '1's in the data bits are even then a zero is set in the parity register ex: 1100 0101 ; in this 1's are 4 it is even so 0 is set in parity register

If the number of '1's in the data bits are "odd" then a one is set in the parity register ex: 1001 0001 ; in this 1's are 3 it is odd so 1 is set.

If Odd Parity chosen --> if the number of 1's in the data bits are odd then zero is set
 ex: 1101 0110  (has 5 1's so odd) then zero is set in the parity register

If the number of 1's in the data bits are even then one is set
 ex: 1101 0111  (has 6 1's so even) then one is set in the parity register

This will give us an idea that the data obtained is not lost, i.e no.of bits. BUT we do not know if the data has been scrambled due to noise so this part we cannot find.
ex: if data is 1111 1010 and @ even parity  ==> we get parity bit as 0, so we infer data is true

but if data is 1111 1010 @ even parity ; BUT the data we obtained got changed to  1111 0110 => we still get parity bit as 0,  this is an error.

but to some extent this will help us reduce the errors. 

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  • Sep 18th, 2011

Parity bits are extra signals which are added to a data word to enable error checking. There are two types of Parity - even and odd.

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  • Oct 18th, 2011

In digital communications, an extra bit is sometimes appended to the message to make the ‘logic high’ bit count even or odd. This extra bit is know as parity bit and used for error detection.

Reference :- http://www.fullchipdesign.com/parity_generation_checking.htm

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  • Oct 27th, 2014

The number of ones containing result inside ALU even or odd. Then parity flag of microprocessor set to working.

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  • Dec 8th, 2014

number of 1s inside accumulator register

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Satyam kumar dubey

  • Nov 29th, 2016

Parity is the way to detection of error in original signal. It detect single bit error. To detect this error an extra bit is attached to original signal or original coad word. This extra bit is called parity bit

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  • Jun 30th, 2017

Parity bit is an additional bit which combines with the original message bit so as to detect and correct the error at receiver.

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