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1)What is the latest generation of circuit breakers called?
2)What are the special cables required for explosion proof wiring?
3)What are the different types of soft starters for large motors?
4)What is the similarity and what is the difference between relays and PLC?

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Krunal R

  • Apr 14th, 2012

1. SF6 Circuit Breaker


  • Jul 8th, 2014

Programmable logic controller is abbreviated as PLC. It is a sort of micro controller used in industrial environment. It is highly resistant to environmental factors such as dust, humidity etc.

However a relay acts like a switch, it sends a signal to the controller that a specific condition has occurred.

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  • Nov 30th, 2014

The cables used in Inflammable and explosive situations should be Mineral insulated Copper sheathed complying with BS 6207.

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  • Dec 7th, 2014

relay can be used as potential free dry contact,with less switching speed cause its a electro mechanical device .PLC has better switching speed.BOTH are controlling device.

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