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Data Warehousing Basics

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Explain the advanatages of raid 1, 1/0, and 5. What type of raid setup would you put your tx logs

Asked By: Interview Candidate | Asked On: Aug 25th, 2005

Answered by: J Lehew on: Aug 25th, 2005

Raid 0 - Make several physical hard drives look like one hard drive. No redundancy but very fast. May use for temporary spaces where loss of the files will not result in loss of committed data. &nb...

I want to know how to protect my data over networ.Which software will be use

Asked By: chandra | Asked On: Mar 31st, 2007

Answered by: udgar213 on: Apr 13th, 2011

To protect data over the server the ..we can use the data encryption technique,the file to be transmitted can be encrypted and send. we can use the protocols like NDM and SFTP to transmit the data.

How to define cardinality between dimension and fact ?

Asked By: harsha.varigonda | Asked On: Jan 13th, 2014

Answered by: Piyush Shah on: Feb 5th, 2014

One to many.

What is meant by aggregate factable?

Asked By: padmanathan | Asked On: Apr 20th, 2007

Factable having aggregated calculations like sum, avg, sum(sal)+sum(comm),these are aggregated factablecheerspadhu

Answered by: ThomasB on: Jan 4th, 2008

An aggregate fact table stores information that has been aggregated, or summarized from a detail fact table.  Aggregate fact table ares useful in improving query performance.  Often an aggre...

What is difference between bo, microstrategy and cognos

Asked By: prasad | Asked On: Dec 19th, 2006

Answered by: vempati on: Mar 14th, 2007

BO is a ROLAP Tool,Cognos is a MLAP Tool and MicroStrategy is a HLAP Tool

What is replicate,transparent and linked cubes?

Asked By: navsa | Asked On: Jul 7th, 2006

Answered by: mri_sonam on: Dec 18th, 2008

Linked CubeA cube can be stored on a single analysis server and then defined as a linked cube on other Analysis servers. End users connected to any of these analysis servers can then access the cube. ...

What is cube and why we are crating a cube what is diff between etl and olap cubes any budy ans plz?

Asked By: thumati nagaraju | Asked On: Nov 2nd, 2006

Answered by: Shiva on: Nov 11th, 2006

 Any schema or Table or Report which gives you meaningful information  of  one attribute  wrt more than one attribute is called  a cube.For Ex: In a product tab...

What are the various attributes in time dimension, if this dimension has to consider only date of birth of a citizen of a country?

Asked By: naag | Asked On: Jan 31st, 2007

Answered by: testuser on: Mar 15th, 2007

Date and time (If datetime data type is not supported then you have to have hour/min/sec on a seperate columns)WeekMonthQuarterYear

What are the various techniques in er modelling?

Asked By: bharat | Asked On: Jul 16th, 2007

Answered by: Pratap on: Sep 26th, 2007

ER modelling is the first step for any Database project like Oracle, DB2.1. Conceptual Modelling2. Logical Modelling3. Physical Modelling

How do you load the data conditionally by run steps ?

Asked By: ada | Asked On: Sep 14th, 2007

Answered by: DWH01 on: Jul 8th, 2008

This depends upon how the ETL is done:If we are loading data using Informatica, the workflow jobs can be scheduled using Autosys or any other scheduler, in which the scripts could check for the condit...

What is the difference between Informatica and obiee?

Asked By: Nash Nareshkumar | Asked On: Feb 12th, 2014

Answered by: Ankit Kansal on: Feb 15th, 2014

INFORMATICA is a data integration and warehousing tool which prepares data from different sources to a stream line flow after which a tool like OBIEE uses that data to display reports in several formats e.g. Charts & Graphs

Maintain dimensions - etl or data entry

Asked By: jryan999 | Asked On: Apr 30th, 2008

For a customer or product dimension with 500,000 rows changing daily an etl solution is the only sensible way forward. But surely you shouldn't etl every single dimension table - especially if there's over a hundred of them, and they're are static, error prone or manually enhanced? What would you advise...

Answered by: mri_sonam on: Dec 16th, 2008

If you are designing a Data Warehouse how can you rely on manual process? better way is to use ETL wherever required or else just extract and load.But you should refresh all your dimensions regularly ...

What is cgid in normalizer transformation

Asked By: Anand_Mohite | Asked On: May 22nd, 2008

Please provide me deep info on normalizer !

Answered by: Sirini on: Jun 14th, 2009

It is GCID which means Generic Column ID. When a Normalizer transformation is used to read Cobol sources, the Informatica Designer identifies the 'OCCURS' and 'REDEFINES' statements and generates 2 co...

Transformation keys into generic key by system itself is called as

Asked By: msmart | Asked On: Jul 1st, 2008

Answered by: aquacooldude on: Feb 19th, 2009

The transformation of keys which are supposed to be used as primary key into generic key by the system is called as key restructuring. The problem is something like this, let us a say there was an ex...

Transmission media

Asked By: amustaqeem | Asked On: Feb 12th, 2010

What do you mean by transmission media? Describe various types of transmission media.

Answered by: shreya890 on: Feb 15th, 2011

I think transmission media is the media from which you enable the datawarehouse to be accesed via web. I am not sure about different tramission media's

Final component of dimensional model

Asked By: VG12345 | Asked On: Feb 8th, 2010

As a final component of the dimensional model, the architect can do all of the following excepta) identify entity relationships.B) add relevant dimensional attributesc) identify derived measuresd) identify derived facts

Answered by: charlie2k on: Nov 27th, 2010

Identify the relationship is one of the first things to do. It is used for preparing the conceptual data model.The preparation of conceptual data model --> logical data model --> physical data model. 

Data mart entity

Asked By: kryan | Asked On: Apr 21st, 2010

If data is missing that is required as a primary key in a data mart entity from what sources can this information be gathered?

Answered by: preekon on: Aug 24th, 2010

Data mart is considered to be a subset of datawarehouse, If the data is missing for primary key and the data source can be gathered from the list of entity derived from dimensions, but data mart ...

Non-additive facts

Asked By: chand.abinitio | Asked On: Sep 29th, 2010

Give an example of non-additive facts?

Answered by: rummyraj on: Oct 13th, 2010

Here is an actual example from my current project.We sell Parts globally. Each part is being sold at different price in different regions. Each part has different cost to the company in different regi...

How do you join the data from multiple data marts ? If so what would be the criteria?

Asked By: anand.vinu | Asked On: May 18th, 2011

Answered by: Anindya1281 on: Jun 4th, 2011

HiOne way of connecting data from multiple datamarts is with the use of confirmed dimensionsConfirmed dimensions are dimensions which are shared between multiple fact tables within a datamart or betwe...

What is difference between logical design module and physical design module ?

Asked By: ramna | Asked On: Aug 24th, 2011

Answered by: RathiRam on: Aug 24th, 2011

A logical design is conceptual and abstract. You do not deal with the physical implementation details yet. You deal only with defining the types of information that you need. Your logical design shoul...

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