Interface testing and Integration Testing

What is the different between Interface testing and Integration testing?

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Amit Gupta

  • Oct 30th, 2012

Integration testing involves the testing of the different components of an application, e.g., software and hardware, in combination. This kind of combination testing is done to ensure that they are working correctly and conforming to the requirements based on which they were designed and developed.

Interface testing is different from integration testing, in that interface testing is done to check that the different components of the application or system being developed are in sync with each other or not. In technical terms, interface testing helps determine that different functions like data transfer between the different elements in the system are happening according to the way they were designed to happen.

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Hi Amit Gupta,

Thank you very much for your response.

I think the answer which you given is ok. But once if I gone through your answer it looks like both interface testing and integration testing is same it seems.

So could you please elaborate the answer in some examples? Since I am not able to understand very clearly.

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  • Jan 17th, 2013

Interface Testing:
Interface testing is nothing but (GUI) testing Black box testing or in other words functional testing how intuitive the application works as per the Requirement document or the business document or the Use cases.

Integration Testing:
Integration testing is some thing different.It is called modular testing. I can give you a classic example like you log in to gmail what happens is you type the URL and gmail login screen appears and you enter all the information and authenticate and come to the inbox page their are other small modules like goggle circle chat google docs and lot more so consider those to be small modules when you test all together with your positive, negative, stress, load, performance test does all the modules together work according to the spec which is intended to work it is called integration testing.

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Anant Chaudhary

  • Mar 14th, 2013

Interface Testing:-Interface testing is nothing but (GUI) testing.

Integration Testing:-In this testing combine all tested module and testing these module are working correctly with each other or passing values/ information to each other.

There are diff approaches as below:-
1)Top-down approach.
2)Bottom-up approach.
3)Sandwich approach.(Combine Top-down and Bottom-up approach)

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  • May 20th, 2013

Interface testing :-To test the data transaction between more than one application

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  • Dec 5th, 2014

All the answers what ever is there in way it is correct.The example given with respect gmail we can consider it as functional testing as well.But with respect to ERP applications only you would come across with the Interfaces testing. that means the testing of the data flow from source ERP system sat it as SAP to third party vendors like benefits systems,payroll system so on an so forth. in this regard what ever you test the data flow between these two systems with respect to requirements is called as interface testing.Again with respect to the integration testing in the ERP The data flow with in SAP system in two different modules like the testing of data flow from recruiting to HR and then HR to Payroll,Time and labor to payroll. here the integrations are delivered .So overall interfaces/integration testing or more or less same in way that the data has to flow between two different components or systems.

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  • Sep 13th, 2015

Many components in a system are made up of several interacting objects. Assume that components A,B,C have been integrated to create a larger component or sub system. the test cases are not applied to the individual components but to the interface of the composite component created by combining these components . Interface testing is particularly important for object-oriented and component based development.

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