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  • how many Citrix & Windows licenses required?

    Scenario- how many Citrix & Windows licenses required when one user logged on to one application from one work station. Scenario- how many Citrix & Windows licensees required when one user logged on to one application from two different work stations without log off?

    lava kumar pudur

    • Apr 30th, 2013

    Scenario 1:- If user access only one application from one device.....? We first need the windows terminal server license ...(it may be user based or device based) then we need citrix license .... t...


    • Apr 12th, 2013

    Citrix will take only one license since license is based on concurrent session.

    License taken by the terminal service depends. If the License is Per User based it will take one, If license is per device based it will take two license.

  • What will happen if data collector goes down?

    Serge Kol

    • Aug 25th, 2017

    Citrix best practice is to deploy two ZDCs for fail overs. If one goes down the other one takes over.


    • Oct 11th, 2015

    If a data collector goes down an election process will take place based on preferred, Sever with latest patches and latest hotfixes, based on configuration.

  • What will happen if licence server goes down?


    • Mar 31st, 2013

    If citrix license server goes down , citrix application will work until 720 hours of basic grace period of the citrix license
    server . to know that grace period edit the license file in notepad and type GP= then you will get the grace period of the license......

  • What will happen if data center goes down ?

    Ajesh Ashokan

    • Jul 28th, 2014

    Nothing happens. If the data store is unreachable, the LHC contains enough information about the farm to allow normal operations for an indefinite period of time, if necessary. However, no new STATIC ...

    Santosh Reddy

    • Jul 15th, 2014

    If data center goes down, Local Host Cache (LHC) which stores the backup data stores of citrix will fire up and see the server functions normally upto 48 hours

  • How to check app server load

    How to check one server load if one app is installed on 50 Xenapp servers


    • Nov 11th, 2015

    Qfarm /APP


    • Apr 18th, 2015


    You can see below output:
    0 to 9998 This is the normal range for Load Manager.
    99999 No load evaluator is configured.
    10000 Load is at 100 percent (full load).
    20000 The AppCenter console contains an incorrect server edition or a license mismatch.