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  • Test Database Upgrade

    Suppose a DB has just been upgraded from Oracle 10g to 11. What testing factors will you look at?

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    • Member Since Nov-2009 | Nov 29th, 2009

    1) Test the upgrade itself.  Do problems arise?  Has anything new been introduced that needs to be accounted for?  If so, make sure it works properly.
    2) Run functional tests that rely on the database to ensure they function properly.   
    3) Run performance tests to ensure data is obtained within specified performance parameters. 
    4) Ensure data integrity is maintained after upgrade.  Contstraints, for example, should still be handled as expected.

    5) Run load and/or stress test to ensure the upgraded database still handles user load and performs well under the most business-critical resource-intensive circumstances.
    6) Test the Oracle client.  Ideally, any issues will have been caught in the upgrade test, but it is a necessary step in the process.


    • Apr 23rd, 2010

    1. Identify and execute the testcases which can exercise all the database operations from application.2. Execute automation scripts3. Execute performance tests4. Identify and execute testcases which update the existing records to test the backward compatibilty.

  • How would you test a COTS integration?

    What are the test factors and test design?

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    • Member Since Nov-2009 | Dec 17th, 2009

    Human factors are very important in testing COTS applications:
    1) Communicate with the vendor
    2) Get Information for Test Planning
    3) Get Support for Testing
    4) Get Cooperation for Integration Testing
    5) Get Customer and User Input and Assistance in Testing

    The phases of testing a COTS application:

    1) Understand the COTS application and how it will be used
    - Determine test integration 'glue'
    2) Develop a COTS test strategy
    - objectives
    - understand general COTS risks
    - identify risks unique to your application

    3) Plan for testing COTS application
    - Map planning activities to COTS life cycle
    - Gather required input and entry criteria
    - Determine what needs to be verified
    - Determine what needs to be validated
    - Create a test plan
    - Create test cases; test scenarios; test scripts
    - Add traceability to tests

    4) Test execution on COTS application
    - build the environment (hardware, software, tools, data, and verify integration feasibility)
    - train testers
    - Perform tests
    - record defects
    - verify results
    - perform regression tests

    5) Analyze and report results of COTS testing
    - evaluate defects
    - make sense of information to improve processes
    > requirements
    > acquisition
    > integration
    > customization
    > testing
    > implementation


    • Dec 17th, 2009

    Human factors are very important in testing COTS applications:  1) Communicate with the vendor2) Get Information for Test Planning3) Get Support for Testing4) Get Cooperation for Integration Test...

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    • Apr 11th, 2007

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