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  • Transaction control transformation to get flat file names

    Hi Folks, I have scenario like, I have ten flat files to be loaded in to target but I need to load file names in to a table in mapping level. I think we can do achieve though TC transformation. Unfortunately I did not get though.. Please advise how to implement the logic. ( I need to capture in mapping level only). This question has been asked one of the interviews. Thanks for your time!!!


    • Jun 23rd, 2014

    Got to flat file properties and there you will find one icon Add FileName column to this table just click on that option and you can able to add currently processing file. Thank you

  • How to generate the sequence of keys or numbers in target without using the sequence generator transformation.

    Venkateswara Rao Rajanala

    • Oct 14th, 2014

    You can use output port and say CUME(1).. this will automatically generate the sequence or use Variable port
    Var= var+1 and Output port = Var...This will generate the sequence for you

  • Could any one please help in finding the solution for this workflow related question.

    Suppose I have one source which is linked into 3 targets.When the workflow runs for the first time only the first target should be populated and the rest two(second and last) should not be populated.When the workflow runs for the second time only the second target should be populated and the rest two(first and last) should not be populated.When the workflow runs for the third time only the third target...


    • Oct 8th, 2015

    Define one variable $$CNT in mapping and assign its initial value as 1 in parameter file Take an expression and do below coding count =$$CNT INC_COUNT=$$CNT+1 O_INC_CNT=SETVARIABLE($$CNT,INC_COUNT) Ad...


    • Feb 9th, 2015

    your above logic is perfect..but instead resting the variable at workflow level you can add these condition in first router group => MOD(o_Flag,3) = 1 2nd router group =>MOD(o_Flag,3) = 2 3rd router g...