Submitted Questions

  • Performace tunning of session and workflow

    How to tune the session,workflow for better perfomance,what are the things we consider for better performace?


    • Feb 1st, 2016

    Partitioning, line sequential buffer length, tracing level as terse, collect performance data as enabled, commit interval are some of the pointers for session level performance tuning.

    Rajesh Kumar

    • Sep 16th, 2014

    Make sure the Sorted Inputs enabled for Joiner, Lookup and Aggregate transformations in workflow.
    Use Dynamic cache for lookups whenever needed otherwise cache takes more spaces (instead of cache)

  • Performance of an Aggreartor

    Under what conditions selecting sorted input in aggregator will still not boost session performance ?

    Venkateswara Rao

    • Oct 14th, 2014

    If all the rows belong to the same data group . Then it doesn't improve anything


    • Sep 16th, 2014

    If in session property Incremental agg. is enabled. 2. in case of Nested aggregation 3. if treat row as data driven is selected in session property. In all of above cases aggrigator performance wil not be boosted up though its using sorted i/p.