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  • Technical Interview questions for New Hire

    User calls in and complains that her computer and network is running very slow. How would you go about troubleshooting it?


    • Sep 2nd, 2014

    The 2 previous answers posted show how not to troubleshoot. To effectively troubleshoot anything, you first get the scope of the problem. "Are you the only one having the problem"? If no, then you...


    • Sep 14th, 2013

    Delete temp file,internet temporary file,cookies,history, run the disk cleaner. may pc slow by installing Antivirus also, may be virus also,scan by good antivirus, may malware attack on the PC, scan b...

  • Windows Power user groups

    What is the difference between power user group in XP and power user group in windows 7?


    • Sep 8th, 2013

    By default, members of this group have no more user rights or permissions than a standard user account. The Power Users group in previous versions of Windows was designed to give users specific admini...


    • Jun 24th, 2013

    Basically, Power Users can: Run legacy applications, in addition to Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional certified applications. Install programs that do not modify operating system files or inst...

  • What is UAC (User Account control)?

    Santosh Kumar Sha

    • Jul 5th, 2013

    User account control setting is a tools for administration that raise & alert if you modify the privilege of administrator.user account control protect your computer from malicious software because it allow user to notice when a document & program trying access.


    • Jun 8th, 2013

    User Account Control (UAC) is a feature in Windows that can help prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. UAC does this by asking you for permission or an administrator‌ password before perfor...

  • Define hosts and LM hosts file?


    • Jun 3rd, 2013

    The "HOSTS" file contains entries that simulate "A" records in DNS (and PTR records, too). Only DNS-legal names are allowed in this file. The "LMHOSTS" file contains entries that simulate NetBIOS nam...

    Linda Calkins

    • May 30th, 2013

    HOSTS file A text file in a TCP/IP network that specifies the IP addresses of computer names and domain names (the hostnames). The LMHOSTS (LAN Manager Hosts) file is used to enable domain name resolution under Windows when other methods, such as WINS, fail.

  • What is difference between Win XP and Wn 7 technically?

    Md Ilyas

    • May 23rd, 2017

    1. No e-mail Client
    2. 32-bit vs. 64-bit
    3. Aero Desktop
    4. Documents and Settings
    5. Start Menu
    6. Ribbon
    7. Libraries
    8. DirectX 11
    9. HomeGroup
    10. Touch Support

    Sundar R

    • Mar 24th, 2017

    1. The major difference between Windows XP & Windows 7 is sharing security. in Windows XP while sharing a file or folder there is no security option, but in Windows 7 security option is there we can...