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  • What are the various items fall in balance sheet

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    • Member Since Nov-2010 | Nov 15th, 2010

    (A)asset side items are
    1 cash in hand at bank
    3.debtor ,building
    5.prepaid expenses
    6. bills receivable

    (B)liability side over draft
    4.outstanding expenses
    5.bills payable

    Satyanarayana raju

    • Jun 13th, 2015

    Liabilities side:
    Loans availed
    Current liabilities
    Duties and taxes
    Sundry Creditors
    Assets side
    Fixed assets
    Current assets
    stock on hand
    Cash and bank balances
    Loans and Advances (Asset)
    Miscellaneous expenses(Asset)

    Anil sharma

    • Apr 9th, 2015

    Asset side :
    fixed assets
    current asset and loan in advance
    misclinious exp.
    p&l if debit bal.

    Liability :
    share capital
    reserve and surplus
    secured loan
    unsecured loan
    c.l and provision

  • how many methods are used to calculate depreciation

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    • Member Since Jun-2008 | Jun 18th, 2008

    3 popular types

    1st straightline

    2nd declining balance

    3rd Sum-of-Years' Digits Method


    • Jul 15th, 2015

    1. Straightline depreciation
    2. Reducing balance depreciation
    3. Sum of the year digits depreciation
    4. Units of activity depreciation


    • Nov 12th, 2011

    There are two types of method to calculate depreciation 1) Straight line method and 2) Reducing line method