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  • New Bug and Open Bug

    What is the difference between New and Open bug? Who is responsible for changing the phase of bug from New to Open?

  • Give an example for High severity and Low Priority ?

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    1]High Severity And Low Priority----If  there is an application , if that application crashes after mulple use of any functionality (exa--save Button use 200 times then that application will crash)

    Means High Severity because application chrashed but Low Priority because no need to debug right now you can debug it after some days.

    2]High Priority And Low Severity---- If any Web site say "Yahoo" now if the logo of site "Yahoo" spell s "Yho"  ----Than Priority is high but severity is low.

    Because it effect the name of site so important to do quick ---Priority

    but it is not going to crash because of spell chage so severity low.

    Amit Hambarde