Multiple files and output

I have two files target 3 files
file no1:
output like first file 1,2 first file 3,4 second file 5 ,6 3rd file target how to achieve this

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  • May 15th, 2015

since the set 3,4 is common use a Change data capture stage and then filter according to the change_code column. Take file 1 in Before stage and file 2 in after stage. 1,2 are deleted and 3,4 are copied and 5,6 are inserted . use the respective codes 2 for delete, 0 for copied and 1 for insert. this way you can get 3 target files.
Alternatively, you can funnel both the inputs, then remove duplicates, then either filter or switch(since row count is less).
1,2 are deleted in after so


  • Jun 26th, 2015

Join two tables using join stage, join type = full outer join, then remove dup stage, then filter stage


  • Jul 28th, 2015

Basically Question is about how you will achive Left Join, Inner Join and Outer Join.

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  • Jul 14th, 2017

First copy the value from your seq. file using "copy stage", then use "funnel stage" to join the two seq. file, then sort them and use "remove duplicate stage" to find the duplicate values (eg: 3,4) then give that to transformer then send it to a seq.file,
now for unique elements like (1,2) && (5,6) use "join stage" give input from "copy stage" and from "transformer", use Inner Join then your required output is obtained
NOTE: Use key change in "remove duplicate stage"

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