Describe a time when you had to work under pressure.

Work can sometimes take its toll on an individual and only highly efficient people are able to take the challenge of beating the pressure. When employers search for potential job candidates, they highly consider the work efficiency as well as the endurance of the individual. So, they ask this question to aspiring jobseekers during the interview.

This is one of the most common types of questions being asked by your interviewer. At times, it can even be a question in your essay writing, answered in written form, which makes it easier than interviews because there is time to think and structure the answer. In a job interview, being asked this question may give added pressure on the part of the interviewee to think of a past situation. But this interview question can be categorized as easy, and if you think it is not, here are simple tips you can follow to structure your response effectively.

Think of a Work Accomplishment

You are probably more bound to think of a problem situation at work to answer the question which may make it a little difficult for you to provide a direct response, unless your train of thoughts goes pretty smooth at the moment. An easier way to get the mind thinking of a quicker answer is to think of your previous work accomplishment. Once you have it in mind, think of the challenge you took to achieve it. Accomplishing work projects is one of the easiest situations you might want to think of. In most cases, pressure build-up happens when you are assigned a project by your boss to finish under a given deadline.

Keep It Brief but Substantial

The key to getting your message across in every answered question is to keep it succinct but substantial which simply means that you deliver only the highlights of the situation yet taking the gist of it. Simply describe what that particular situation is whether it is a huge project you undertook, a workload designated to you, or leading a team project. It is best to think of one that is time-bound since that is where pressure occurs. Then, talk about the measures you took or the major action plans you made to attain your goal within the given deadline. No need for detailed information, just the highlights of your story.

Wrap Up with a Positive Response

The clich? that goes ?I work well under pressure? is usually answered when the question asks for the manner of responding to pressure. For this question, you can incorporate this answer on the latter part as a wrap up to give the interviewer an impression that you are able to handle work pressure pretty easily and with confidence. Your overall perception towards pressure should be more of a positive challenge to your job more than a negative impact to work. This is the message that your interviewer would like to get out of your answer.

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  • Aug 12th, 2014

How would you describe yourself (attitude/Character)? How best can express or describe your Ideal job? Why did you choose this career in life?

What motivates you to choose this part as a career? What goals have you archived in your career?

How do you plan to achieve your goal with us?
Explain well if you can work well under deadline and pressure? What is your greatest strength?
Why should we employ you over the others people that waiting to be interviewed

How much salary do you expect if we offer you this position?

Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline, what where the react ion?

Give us an example of any major problem you faced in your career and how you solved it! Have you ever worked with someone that you did not get along with as part of a team? How where you able to handle that situation?
How do you feel about the possibility of relocation?


  • Oct 29th, 2016

How would you describe yourself (attitude/Character)? How best can express or describe your Ideal job? Why did you choose this career in life?

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