No of processors in DataStage

How do we know the no of processors in a job? Is there any specific calculation for this.

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  • Jul 19th, 2013

Run the job. Go to director log. Check for the apt config data displayed over there. That will show the number of processors/nodes.

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There will not be any processors in the job. Your question could be - find the number of nodes/processors on which the job is running.

So the answer to this - go to Director and open the log for the job. In the log you find the degree of parallelism or the number of nodes on which this job ran.

This number depends on the configuration file settings. If you specify 3 nodes in your configuration file and set APT_CONFIG_FILE variable in Administrator to its name/path, then when you re-run the job, you will see that the job ran on 3 nodes. [A node in datastage is a logical processor].

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