Write test case for adding beneficiary to an account

How will you confirm the added beneficiary manually by yourself while testing. Outline the steps

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  • Mar 22nd, 2017

Please login to internet banking with valid credentials and click on fund transfer try to add with invalid account details and expect error message and try to add with blank details and click on ok check for error message and try to add valid account details before that user is getting alert message for adding beneficiary and also check whether user gets OTP for confirmation for adding, try to verify in the beneficiary list whether beneficiary added or not

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Arti Negi

  • Jun 11th, 2017

In support of above test scenarios by Srikanthm17, I would also like to my point of view.
As we are adding beneficiary so I am considering the login attempt is already performed, and we are checking for the Add Beneficiary form only till adding it.
The least count of test cases I can suggest for Adding beneficiary account are:
1. The first thing I will go through is UI and labels, if the alignment and spelling of labels are expected or not.- UI Testing
2. Fill all the mandatory fields and submit the form.- Functional Testing
3. Fill only mandatory field I(as we know email field is not mandatory), and check if form is getting submitted or not.- Functional Testing
4. Entering invalid data (Example- not providing proper account number), and try to submit the form.- Functional Testing
5. Check with some valid data and some invalid data (Example- Invalid account number but proper IFSC code and branch name)- Functional Testing
6. Check when Account number and Confirm Account Number are not same- Functional testing
7. Check if Account number is getting masked or not.- Security Testing
8. Check if no fields are filled, then form is getting submitted or not.- Functional testing.
9. Enter valid data and check if OTP is getting generated or not.- Security Testing (It should ask for OTP and without OTP it should not add beneficiary)
10. Check after adding invalid OTP or valid OTP.- Security Testing.
11. Check with the time limit after OTP gets generated and not filled by you.- Security Testing
12. Try to add duplicate entry of same beneficiary.- Functional Testing
13. Try to add same beneficiary with different details (Probably different email ID and phone number, but same account details or vice versa).
14. Check how much time it takes to load each page. Performance Testing.
15. Check if you have opened same account in two different browser (Like FF and Chrome) and trying to add same beneficiary- Performance Testing and Functional Testing.
These are the least I can think about. There can be more depending upon the form and requirement. I might be wrong at some place, if you feel so please correct me. This is completely my view.

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Ankita Vaid

  • Jan 28th, 2020

1. check the status of the bank website.(Working or not)
2.Verify the login and password .
3. To check its keypad working or not.
4. To check beneficiary tab is working or not
5. To check add beneficiary
6. To check transfer of money
7. Able to receive the money
8. To check got the messages from Bank for adding beneficiary.
9.To Check receipt of the transfer .
10. to Validate the imps/one time tranfser

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