How would you define a bug?

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  • Jun 7th, 2012

First we will write bug description about bug type. And will define the environment ( Browser or environment thing) with bug ID, Along with Test steps then we have to write expected results and actual results along with screen shots (LOGS).

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  • Jun 29th, 2012

If the test does not meet the requirement then that is bug.

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  • Mar 18th, 2013

if there is a mismatching between expected and actual result it is called define a bug we have to provide the following details like summary of the defect, priority, severity, assigned to whom(Developer name), detected by(tester name), which version the bug has been identified, which module the bug has been identified, whether the bug is a reproducible one or not, description where you write steps to reproduce the bug along with the screen shot as an attachment


  • Sep 24th, 2013

If their is a mismatch between expected and actual result and the defect is accepted by Developer and it is called as Bug.

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Bipasha Banerjee

  • Nov 7th, 2013

Any functionality not working as per the requirement of the customer and customer need is a failure product. The meaning for the words Bug, Incident ,Issue , Defect , Failure, Fault are the same . A computer bug is an error flaw ,mistake in a computer programs that produces an incorrect result .

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  • Nov 11th, 2013

Bug is nothing but find out the mismatch between the Actual result and expected results

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