Why copy stage is better than transformer?

Incase of only dropping columns(without any transformations or business rules), we can go for copy stage instead of transformer.But can anyone tell me exactly why copy stage is better in performance than transformer?

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  • Jul 1st, 2012

Copy stage is a passive stage and Transformer is Active and it involves the process usage and copy does not . So its good to go with copy since it takes less time then transformer to propagate the columns over the link

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  • Oct 12th, 2012

Transformer is a heavier stage as apart from the orchestrate we do have the C++ operators for various derivations. Right from compilation to execution a Transformer will always take more time than a copy stage which is a simple straight forward passive(if we can call) stage

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  • Oct 9th, 2017

Look Copy stage is made up for only copying data and transformer stage is made up for multiple functionalities and also it is made up of c++ code. So if you want to only copy data and rename datatypes so you can go with copy stage because if you use transformer stage it will call all c++ functions for running single operation and it will consume too much time for single functionality so here copy stage is better than transformer stage. But you want to multiple functionalities like copy ,and want to use mathematical functions, miscellaneous functions ,logical etc so transformer stage is good for multitasking .

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