BPO Career for BTech Graduates

Bachelor of Technology, popularly known as BTech, is a 4-year program (8 semesters) offered in many colleges and universities. Because of people?s increasing dependence on computers and the Internet, BTech degree holders are assured of great career opportunities. Most BTech graduates find work as operations managers, project managers, IT managers, help desk associates, and systems administrators.

But with the rising popularity of the BPO industry, it is but expected that BTech graduates would also become interested in starting a career in this particular job market. After all, BPO companies offer very competitive compensation packages and good career opportunities for their employees. If you are a BTech student or graduate and are considering a career in the BPO industry, let me shed some light on some concerns that you are probably thinking of right now.

BPO?Today and Tomorrow

With more and more companies in the US, UK, Australia, and even in Asia looking for ways to cut down on their operational costs, the future looks very bright for the BPO industry. Today, India, Philippines, Mexico, Singapore, and South Africa are considered the top BPO countries and many others are slowly emerging as outsourcing destinations. The continued growth in call center operations all over the world only goes to show that this industry will always be in demand. People with the right set of skills to excel in a BPO-related career definitely have the whole world in their hands.

Who Can Work in BPOs

The BPO job market is very diverse. The jobs being offered are not limited to specific educational attainments and in fact, almost anyone can work in this industry. So as long as the person possesses certain skill sets such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, computer skills, and analytical skills, then he or she should have no problem getting a job in BPO companies.

A common misconception that people have today is that they immediately assume that BPO jobs are only limited to customer service and technical support representatives. People need to realize that other jobs also exist, such as IT support, administrative support, and others. Thus, those with a background in technology and computers can definitely find employment in BPOs.

BPO Jobs for BTech Graduates

If you want to try your luck in the BPO industry, there are a handful of career choices available for you. For one, you can work in the IT department to improve and update computer and Internet systems. You can also work as a systems administrator, updating and maintaining software programs and fixing technical problems in the system. And of course, you can also opt to apply as a technical support representative and use your skills and knowledge in helping customers with their technical issues.

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What hcl comnet means it is a bpo or not.What are the questions to prepare for its entrance.



Is there any problem for selecting a BPO firm after completing the BTech degree



Is there hiring happening for informatica? Actually i am from B.Sc background with PGDCA. Currently working in Infosys BPO. Usually hiring happens for 2-3 yrs experience people. Is there any scope for me like people.
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