Careers and Higher Education Options for BBA Graduates

BBA, better known as Bachelor of Business Administration, is a 4-year program that includes business administration, commerce, and general business courses in its curriculum. If you are a BBA degree holder or will soon be graduating as one, it would be best if you know what your career options are once you enter the workforce. On the other hand, if you are thinking of pursuing higher education right after graduation, you could also do so.

A BBA degree prepares you for bright career opportunities because upon completion of your program, you will already know and understand concepts such as marketing, accountancy, financial management, economic principles, and organizational management. Essentially, it will prepare you for a career in business. However, for those who want to pursue higher education, the BBA program is also a good foundation for students to have because it equips them with the necessary knowledge and skills of managing business functions and organizations.

Career Options for BBA Graduates

If you are a BBA graduate, you can seek employment from different companies that offer business management and sales positions. You can also work as a project planner, a production supervisor, and a business administrator. Usually, BBA graduates apply in companies that engage in the business of manufacturing, construction, retail, and finance. They can also apply for various government agencies.

Higher Education for BBA Graduates

For majority of BBA graduates who have decided to pursue higher studies, they usually get a Masters program, such as Master of Business of Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Computer Science, Master of Computer Applications (MCA) or perhaps attend law school. You can also opt to get a doctorate degree afterwards.

As a BBA graduate, you basically hold the “golden ticket” because you can apply for just about any business-related job that you want and be highly qualified for the position. With this degree, you become highly employable, so to speak.

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Hi chandra mam,

I am Rasheed I had completed my BBA computer application in distance education now I am doing MCA second year in distance education. I completed MCSE and CCNA certifications I am interested in networking field. Is this possible to get a job in networking field because I completed degree in distance education only and also tell me is there any fresher network engineer vacancy. pls



I am a student of BBA 2nd yr I don't want 2 do MBA. After my graduati0n. Tell me about other options?

adarsh rane

  • Sep 9th, 2012

I am final year BBA student....after BBA I want to do job so please help for the opportunities for build my career

gaurav ranjan

  • Jul 20th, 2013

Dear Sir, I am the second year BBA computer application student. I am doing BBA from Madurai Kamraj University as a distance education. Is it possible to get the Govt job based on this degree? What are the higher education options. Please suggest me. Thanks.

Mayank Sharma

  • Aug 28th, 2013

Hello Sir, I am a final year BBA student. Please tell me about other options except from MBA which I can look forward to.

javeriya shamsiya

  • May 10th, 2014

I am doing BBA 3 year course (autonomous) from Mysore university,,,,now can i eligible to go for mca after completing my graduation plz send me the answer


  • Jan 11th, 2015

same here. i have also completed my bba. try and apply for jobs. get a job in sales and marketing as a trainee or so. gain some work ex. it will help you in the future.

Anjali pal

  • Mar 13th, 2015

sir/madam,i m in bba last semester i hve given competitive exams for pursuing mba but due to lack of prepration i did not get a top 20 clges for i want to skip this year and afterwards i want to give the exams..and do my mba after this year is skipping option is gud for mee or not..please reply mee as soon as possible...or there r any other options so plz tell mee

Rose Mary.

  • May 5th, 2015

Hello mam, i am doing my 2nd year bba , now im going for fourth sem exam, after my bba. In masters which is better choice for me in HR. What are the scopes i would get into my further studies in my career to grow up. Plz do me your needful and give me an idea of better choice.

shreeti shrestha

  • Jun 10th, 2015

Hello mam , I am at the 3rd year of BBA program and it is the last semester too so is it necessary to do post-graduate after competion of 3 years BBA course ? What sould be done ? Please guide me.


  • Jun 15th, 2015

You have one option You can go for SAP FI or SAP CO


  • Jul 25th, 2015

I want to know that after B.B.A, there is any career or opportunity rather than going forward to MBA, yet I am 2nd year graduate student.

madiha kiran

  • Nov 23rd, 2015

I am a student of BBA 3rd Semester and I want to know about future of this degree.


  • Jan 25th, 2016


Just go for a temp. job, then you can realize what you are and what you have to do next.


  • Nov 6th, 2016

I am doing BBA now, Which degree can I take as dual degree through distance education? Please Explain

NIMMI kumari

  • Nov 7th, 2016

I completed my BBA then SAP FICO course from Bangalore. Next what should I do? Go for Job or MBA? Please suggest me.

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