How to handle academic gap while applying for a job?

Some people have to experience what’s known as “academic gap” (or academic break down, as others would call it) due to several reasons, it could be that they had suffered an illness or faced financial constraints, which hindered them from graduating right away. If you had to go through an academic gap, it is nothing to be ashamed of…and definitely nothing that you should worry about when applying for a job.

Naturally, you would think that an academic gap would lower your chances of getting hired. But you need to realize that numerous students have also gone through an academic gap just like you and so as long as you know how to properly answer interview questions regarding this issue, it shouldn’t really be a hindrance to you getting the job that you want. Here are some tips to help you.

  • Tell the truth.

The best way to answer an interviewer when he or she asks about your academic gap is to just tell the truth. If you suffered from financial constraints, which caused you to stop schooling for a year or two, then do not be afraid to tell the interviewer about it. There is no point bluffing or lying to the interviewer about your reasons and they are likely to find out if you are being honest with them anyway so you might as well tell the truth.

  • Sell yourself.

The bottom line is, your academic gap should not be a reason for employers not to hire you. Not being able to go to school for a couple of years do not affect your qualifications and your skills. If you applied for a job previously and it turned out unsuccessful, you need to understand that the reason you did not get hired was because you failed to impress the employer and as a result, they didn’t think you were the most qualified person for the job. However, you need to sell yourself more during your interview. You should effectively showcase your strengths to the interviewer and make them see that you are the perfect candidate for the job.

  • Keep trying.

If your application was turned down, keep trying. Send out more job applications to other companies and do not lose hope. Keep in mind that the academic gap has nothing to do with your failed attempts and you should never even consider it to be an issue. You might need to develop certain skills in order to stand a better chance at getting hired so assess yourself and determine what skills and competencies you need to work on before you apply to another company.

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I completed after 7 years i have applied for PGDFM & M.COM course, is this good option?I m weak in studies hence didnt go for big courses.

sachindra bharti


i passed my 10th class in 1999 with 50%,12th in 2001 with 70%,i have a year gap 2001-2006,i am doing engineering in ece ,2006 batch,i got year back ,my eng marks is 59%,will i get job in mnc as a software devloper


  • Jan 9th, 2013

If we are having backlocks still we can able to attend for interview in Wipro?


  • Oct 7th, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I have completed my MCA in 2005 and I got married right away. So I got a academic gap but now I would like to pursue studying to get a job. Can you please suggest me a good course to get a job or what I have to do?

Samit Saha

  • Dec 19th, 2013

I have 2+ years experience in software industries. But I have 2 years lack. Because I got supply in one subject in my B.Sc. Is it possible to get job in any mnc in future.


  • Oct 17th, 2014

hello madam,
i completed my in 2008 after that i got i got gap in my want to join any course to get a it possible to continue my career in software field or else any other competitive exams like banking side.Which is better to me.I Am not interested to go with fake experience.

Dipti Kumari

  • Jan 19th, 2016

I am going to apply in MSC for almost a decade after finishing my graduation. How can I answer about my education gap?


  • Apr 6th, 2016

I completed MCA in 2011. I am attending interviews now. I have a gap of 4years. Kindly advise how to explain in interview

vandana pal

  • May 27th, 2016

There is a gap in graduation. I have completed my B.Com in 5 yrs and one gap in 11th std. what should be the reply in interview because I have faced 3 interviews in which I have rejected due to gap in studies?


  • Dec 11th, 2016

I have completed my 10th in 2004 with 47% and 12th in 2010 with 56% and in 2014 with 58%. Can I get job in IT company?

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