What are the career options available in Software Testing Industry?

If you want to have an exciting career that pays well, then you should consider finding employment in the software testing industry. It is a relatively new industry, but it is highly in-demand today due to the popularity of computers and the Internet. But before you make the decision to work as a software tester, you need to understand what it?s all about first so you can decide if it?s really the right career for you.

I?m going to share some information with you here so that you can make a sound decision about your career.

What is Software Testing?

Naturally, before you?d want to embark in a new career, it would make sense for you to try and understand what kind of work you would be doing, right? Well, software testing is essentially a set of activities conducted in order to determine how well or how poorly a product or service works. A software tester?s duties include using a newly developed program or application and find out if it has software bugs, errors, or defects.

Through software testing, the developer will know if the program meets their requirements, works as it should, and can meet users? expectations.

Testing is conducted at various phases of the SDLC or the software development life cycle. As a software tester, you will be tasked to perform unit testing, functional testing, acceptance testing, and even regression testing.

Career Path for Software Testers

Today, software testing is perceived as a solid and lucrative career especially for undergraduates and fresh graduates looking to expand their knowledge, build an exciting and creative career, and at the same, get paid well. You can start out as a test engineer, and then later on move on as a senior test engineer, test manager, QA lead, and finally, a test consultant. But in order for you to advance in this career, you must equip yourself with the needed skills and knowledge for you to be valuable to any company you work for in the software testing industry. You should also aim to acquire certifications and trainings that will enable you to use, analyze, and evaluate computer and internet-related products with ease and proficiency.

An entry-level software tester like yourself could earn around $20 an hour, but as you advance in your career, you could double or even triple your salary! In terms of job security, you shouldn?t be worried at all. So as long as you are good at what you do, you won?t have any difficulty finding employment. And besides, should you decide to make a career change, your background in software testing will make you an excellent candidate for other related careers including software development and programming.

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I would like to grow in software testing field but I do not have experience in the same field..



Pls give me proper guide lines What I should do for my better career in software testing. pLs help me out.



Hi, I want to ask u is any scope to s/w testing now


  • Oct 14th, 2012

I would like to become a software tester, but i dont have experience in that field, I am a hard worker, i dont know how to get a job without experience .Please help me to get a job.


  • Sep 27th, 2013

I had done M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computing from IIT-Guwahati. I am 2013 pass-out. In prior to that, I had pursued B.Sc.(H) Computer Science from Delhi University. What are the career options available for me?? Please respond to my query as early as possible.

Snehal Bhambure

  • Oct 31st, 2013

I want to become a software tester, but I am fresher I am a hard worker, i don't know how to get a job without experience .Please help me to get a job. I want job location in Pune

nishi pandey

  • May 5th, 2014

hi! this is nishi, second semester student of MCA from i.e.t. of ram manoher lohia university, i did bsc from mathematics from c.s.j.m.u. , what kind of courses and training will help me to get a job quickly in last six months of MCA 3rd year, it will be great if u suggest me.
thank you


  • Oct 13th, 2014

I have a seven year experience in software testing after which i had to take a break from my career for 2 years, for personal reasons. The past few months i have been applying online extensively but hardly get a response. Please suggest what i can do.


  • Jun 3rd, 2015

i agree with the scenario sanaa is facing today. as per my understanding testing alone doesnt have a great or longer career. neither it pays well to all testers if compared with other software domains like dev, backend.....I too have the same querry i have some experience with dev and now working as a tester (manual mobile tester). have knowledge and experience of SQL too but at present i feel testing not worth paying. hence want to switch my job to some other domain. i already hav 5 yrs of exp including 4 yrs of testing exp. kindly suggest something worthy and helpful.plz also let me know if u need to know any thing else further.

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