Aptitude Test Preparation Tips

Are you anxious about an upcoming job aptitude test? Are you taking the test for the first time? It is quite understandable for you to feel nervous about aptitude test. Remember that with the proper preparation, information and knowledge you can pass any test with relative ease and I will provide you with some tips that will help you do well in the test.

What is an Aptitude Test?

In essence, an aptitude test is designed to assess your thinking skills, abstract reasoning, numeric reasoning, verbal reasoning, and logical reasoning abilities. Most of these tests are given in multiple-choice format, and can be answered online or on paper. These tests are timed, and a test with 30 questions may be taken in 30 minutes duration.

Test Preparation Tips You Need to Know About

If you want to do well in the test, you must come prepared. If you only have two weeks or less to prepare for the test, you must use your time wisely and be systematic otherwise it would be almost impossible to guarantee great scores with such a short preparation time.

By following the tips I have outlined below, you can definitely get better scores in your aptitude test.

1. Practice on sample aptitude tests. You can find a lot of online resources that offer free aptitude tests that you can take, just to get an idea of what might come out during the actual test. It would be wise to practice on one test daily until the big day comes.

2. Decide on a strategy. You can either opt to further strengthen your strong areas or focus on your weak areas.

3. Find out the test days, time and location in advance. Doing so would help avoid unnecessary stress when exam day arrives.

4. Get a good night?s sleep. Worrying and getting all stressed out the night before the test will not do you any good. You must have a positive and relaxed frame of mind.

5. Arrive on the test venue early. Make sure you have brought with you everything you might need for the test.

6. Read or listen to the instructions carefully. If there is something you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask questions.

7. Do not spend too much time trying to analyze a particularly difficult question. Skip it and come back to it later when you have answered everything else.

8. If you are unsure of the choices, pick one that is least likely to be incorrect.

The key to passing an aptitude test is to prepare and practice. If you do this consistently days before the exam day, you should have nothing to worry about. Good luck!

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I am totally not good in aptitude test solving because I do not have proper educational background I have not done +2 directly I have done my graduation by correspondence, so what could help me to solve all the mathematical and analytical problems?

Devadas Guduri


  • Jul 16th, 2013

I have done B.Tech(IT), 2005, I have started my career as XML programmer and I did it 8 months, after that I worked for IIT-Guwahati for Web Project, Then I joined as Business Analyst and I did it 3 years, then I worked as a Sr. Software Developer for 4 months and then I rejoined my previous company as a Sr. Business Analyst on Education domain ERP product. Now I left this company and searching a job, but maximum employer preferred MBA for BA role and some time company says profile not matched. could you guide me how I will get a suitable job as soon as possible.

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