How to protect and show message ?

How to protect and show message for another user used to same login id for login at the time same login id user logind ?
My question is that -
1- (this user is already login ) . but another user try to login, used same Id -,that time showing message (This login id already used to another User).

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  • Sep 19th, 2011

We can update value in the sql table after user sign in to the application. For example i have maintained user details in the "usr" table. In this table i create another one new column "Status". If user sign in to the application then i change the update status of the user "Y", then if he click log out link then i update again that value "N".
Check user status during login time "Y" or "N". If "N" then allow to access. If value is "Y" then telll message already user is sign into the application.

If the user closed the browser instead of clicking logout button, we can update the status column using global asax in Session_End event.

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