403, 404, 500 error trouble shooting

How you are going to troubleshoot if you are getting 403,404,500 error ? explain ?

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  • May 25th, 2012

1) You get page 403 when you are not authorized to access the page . It is a security error

2) You get page 404 error when the resources are not available.
Example If your web servers are down

3) You get Page 500 error when your JVM is down

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  • Sep 24th, 2012

500- means internal server error (code error in .er file or connection error) mostlly you find this in webserver logs (access logs or error logs) or in jvm logs or http-plugin.
404- means file not found here generate and propagate plugin-cfg.xml file once

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  • Nov 22nd, 2012

403 an 404 is http error.Means Webserver error.U should find the error in error.log and access.log file of the http server logs.500 error is the internal server error .It is the Websphere application server error.When the application is down,the application page is not displayed (network issue,configuration issue,application mapping issue,port issue,thread hung issue,app to DB connection issue etc.).U can find the error from SystemOut.log,SystemErr.log in Websphere Application server.

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