Responsibility of QA/Test engineer when user finds a bug and How to handle the situation?

After releasing the product, if clients/user find the bug, then what is the responsibility of QA/Test engineer and How to handle the situation.
Let me introduce few more conditions in this question :-
1. Also this QA is alone testing 7 more (7 different big projects) at the same time & all of them are on high priority.
2.He need to handle the communication with all the clients on calls & emails(clients of the projects he is testing) on daily/weekly basis.
3. Same QA is doing Requirement gathering for 2 more new projects on daily basis on calls with clients, for same he needs to prepare scope documents as well without any help.
4. testing time is not anticipated/involved in the scope like for example - there is one project of 2000 hrs developer has already taken 2100 or more hours to complete his part of work (because estimation of hours is intentionally done less to grab the client even when the management knows that this will going to take at least 3000 hrs to complete) .
5. Now QA has to test the complete system find the bugs get them resolve & sent to client for approval in 16 or 32 hrs of time because deadline is already breached.
6. Also the QA has to do random testing on all of the projects as there is no time to write test cases/scenarios etc.
7. lack of resources for testing - he has a 11 year old laptop no mobiles not other screens to do different types of testing.
8. he also need to resolve the help developers with there queries as developers never read documents before working they need spoon feeding from QA for every task they have to do.
9. management knows all that but still QA is the only person who does nothing & developers & other members are the productive ones.
10. Now if client finds any bug whether it is of low severity or high QA is the person to blame , he/she is complete responsible for everything which goes bad.
11. And if all goes good & client appreciates the work only Developer is going to get all credit & bonus not QA.


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