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A Defect is Deferred/Suspended State and stated the comment as "The defect wont be no longer in next release" by developer. On next deployment you retested the Defect and noticed that the defect is still there.Now Question is, Who is responsible to reopen the Defect? Tester or Developer?

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In this case Tester is the one who is responsible for opening the defect. Since in QC "Deferred" is end status after which the status cannot be modified (local admin can modify the end status also). We can create a new defect and link the defect with erlier deferred defect and in release we can select the latest release. This makes it clear and for reporting also it will be easy as we need not to refer back to the older release for that perticular defect.

Note: For any defect that tester detects in testing phase he/she will be responsible for reporting it. whether to fix or defer is managment decision.

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