Record Non-standard Object in QTP

Identify the recording mode, by which you can record the non-standard object in QTP

A) Standard recording
B) Analog recording
C) Low level recording
D) None

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  • Feb 10th, 2010

If QTP is able to identify all the properties of the object as defined for the application, we go for standard recording mode. for eg, if QTP able to identfy Java objects, QTP is able to identify web objects, etc

In case QTP is unable to identify, it will record all objects as win objects.
So it depends on the purpose of the test whether to go for Analog or Low-level recording mode.

Low-level recording - If the co-ordinates of the object are of importance for the test, we go for Low-level recording. for eg. click at specific point in the image to perform some action. Note Low-level recording steps can be edited.

Analog recording - If you want to perform some action, like drawing an image on paint  or recording a signature, you go with analog recording. Note, analog recording , once recorded cannot be edited.


  • Jun 3rd, 2010

If QTP does not recognize an object it is called as non-standard object in QTP, that is those objects are not present in the object repository of the QTP, in this case we generally go for the low level recording.


  • Aug 24th, 2015

Answer is D) None. For recording or use non standard object you required to create virtual object.

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