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Is it mandatory to have a full time project manager for a project? If so, what are the compelling reasons?

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No, it is not mandatory for every project to have a PM unless this is the requirements of your company. What is important to make sure that somebody on the project takes on responsibilities and duties of the PM and ensure that key PM tasks are taken proper care of. 

In lack of PM such person usually a team leader or technical leader responsible for overall project.

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  • Dec 15th, 2009

It is not mandatory to keep a full time PM for every project. It is all depends on the considering the below factors

1. Size of the project
2. Budget constraints
3. Does the PM need for full time work or he can be placed in Multiple projects or can take both BA and
4. Scope of the project management work
5. Does the role demand for a unique skillset or can a high end TL manage the work

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