Process, CTQ's, CTP's

Why do you think a manager should know about processes, CTQ's, CTP's?

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Every organization is having it's own set of business processes, which every manager expected to follow. In small companies it could be very limited set if any of formally defined processes while in large corporations every aspect, every situation could be pre-defined.

For example, it could be project management processes which manager should follow when he/she initiates/executes new project.

These processes may address/incorporate regulatory requirements, legal, quality, etc.  

I am not aware of specifics of CTQ's, CTP's but would suggest to check wikipedia or other online sources.  


  • Jan 8th, 2014

CTQ is Critical to Quality which is used as a part of Six Sigma Methodology.
It is a key measurable characteristic of a product or process, usually achieved by comparing with the defined customers clear requirement against the current state.

CTP is Critical to Process which is a important factor to compute several other quality metrics like Critical to Quality (CTQ), Critical to Delivery (CTD) and / or Critical to Cost (CTC). In simple terms defined by an equation Y=F(X).

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