Broadcast IP

What is a Broadcast IP ?
How will you identify a Broadcast IP in an address range or in a working network topology?

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  • Dec 22nd, 2009

Just look the value of subnet mask; it will divide IP address into two parts, Network part and Host part, by noting the value of all 1 in octect belongs to network part and remaining for host part.
Broadcast IP can be found out by just putting the network part as same and host part by replacing all one.

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Pick any one IP address of the IP address range provided and the subnet mask. Cnvert both in binary. Now reverse the subnet mask and place 0s where is 1s, 1s where is 0s. perform an OR operation between them (IP address and reverse mask). For bitwise OR, remember that any two values where at least one value is "1", the result will be "1", otherwise the result is "0". The result (that should be converted in decimal) is the broadcast address for the all systems in that subnet.

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