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What is a plugin-cfg.xml file ? What is the use of this file?

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This file holds the information about the plugin configuration between webserver definition and the applications.

This file consists of information about available webservers and configured applications which can be accessed via that webserver

Webserver plugin is  used by web server to communicate with Application Servers for getting dynamic content such as servlets. Plugin-cfg.xml file is the web server plugin file. Whenever there is a new servlet, this has to be re-generated.

Plugin config xml file is the communicating the web server and was throw the web sphere plugin. pluin-cft.xml  is the full information about the profile and server and cell and node and applications. Web server if we need to access the application we need to generate the pulgin-cft.xml file  this we are using command of the (dmgr root).

Use: this xml file using to the we access to the application to the throw the web server..

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  • Aug 24th, 2015

XML configuration file is come to that file first of all it will move on web server here that application found means that application will go to web container to application server but we will use in the plugin_cfg.xml file.

This file is located by the :product binary path /profiles/Appsrv01(or)Dmgr01/config/cells

applications deployed by the below file:
product binary path/profiles/Appsrv01(or)Dmgr01/config/cells/waslocalcells01/applications

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Nithin kolagani

  • Aug 28th, 2015

Plugin config file is noting but the Snapshot of a particular application server. It contains the Information like how many jvms, clusters, nodes, applications...etc.

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  • Sep 1st, 2015

Plugin is configuration which holds the information related to the websphere application servers in the form of xml file . This has routing table internally which acts as load balancer by rerouting the multiple requests to available app servers.

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  • Jan 10th, 2017

Plugin is interface b/w the Webserver and Appserver, when ever request came to Webserver, if it is static request the Webserver it self only generate the response, if it is dynamic request then the request forward to application server with the help of Plugin, Plugin contains the all information about appservers and port numbers.

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  • Feb 10th, 2017

Plugin is acts as interface between WebServer and Application server and also it works as load balancer.
When ever client sent a request Plugin will check what kind of request it is in case of static request it will route to Webserver if Dynamic request it will sent to Appserver.

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  • Jul 11th, 2017

Plugin-cfg.xml is an xml file which resides inside a IBM Http server. Simply saying, plugin just routes the requests whichever is coming to your webserver.
A request from client (browser) will reach the webserver at first. This request is read by webserver plugin-cfg.xml file and tries to find out if this request can be served by checking which application is to be contacted to serve this request, whether the application server details inside the plugin can take this request and etc etc... If its verification goes good, then the request is taken and routed to respective application server on which the requested application is hosted. All these are done based on plugin weights, plugin algorithms, max connections to plugin, plugin timeouts and many more...

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