IP Address over MAC Address

Why we need IP address over mac address?

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MAC Address is the physical address that is usually stored in Network card .
IP Address is a logical address of the computer.

In Networking Data Link Layer creates frames by writing MAC address into the header of the message. This process of creating frames and at other layer creating packets from frames is to make sure of sending the message to exact destination.
This process helps routing the message(containg the MAC adderess) to the desired destination.


IP Address is the Address of a network which is given By network InfraStructure but MAC Address is already give on LAN Card Chip and it is not changable.

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  • Mar 30th, 2013

IP address 8 Bit address is divided into Network and Host,it is used to communicate into Network.
MAC address is 48 bit address and it, is a Unique address, Just like two ethernet card not having same MAC address, is not used in Network,only Physical Layer is used by this address.

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  • Mar 26th, 2015

If a machine talks to another machine in the same network, it requires its physical or MAC address. But ,since the application has given the destinations IP address it requires some mechanism to bind the IP address with its MAC address.This is done through Address Resolution protocol (ARP).IP address of the destination node is broadcast and the destination node informs the source of its MAC address.

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chandan kumar

  • Jun 20th, 2015

As we know that guys IP and Mac address is the most components for networking because without IP address you cant connect any users for networking and without mac address you cant use LAN card and LAN ports.. so we need IP address and Mac.....

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  • Sep 2nd, 2015

IP address is an address which does not change in the whole communication while mac address keeps on changing as the packet traverse hope by hope.

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  • Jan 24th, 2016

IP address means it acts as agent in technology, because technology has a two part. Hardware part and software part, as a example using of LAN card means hardware part is ready, using a drivers means software part is ready, mac address use by hardware part, while communication between technology, IP address acts as agent between media.

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