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How to make the desktop icons smaller or lager?

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This is very simple on you main desktop just right click the mouse button in a blank space, then scroll down and click properties. You are at the display settings menu on the top bar you will see a tab that reads appearance, click on this tab. Once you are at the appearance tab click the advanced button (it should be in the lower right corner) once you are at the advanced window, you will see a scroll down menu that has desktop displayed, click on this and scroll down to icons, now simply raise the font of the icon size and the icons will become larger, to raise the font of the text there is a bar underneath that, it will list the format the text is displayed in, to the right of that will be the size, you can also bold the text with the bold button on the right side of this bar.

Hope this helps.


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  • Jun 29th, 2011

Right click on taskbar---- go to properties----go to start menu----customize----general tab ---- Click on small icon.

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  • Jun 30th, 2011

Right click on desktop
go to property
then go to settings
then drag screen resolution do ti 800 by 600
it will increase icon size
and drag it ahead it will decrease desktop icon size

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  • Nov 4th, 2011

Right click on Desktop ->Properties->Appearances->Effect- Uncheck Large icons for smaller icons and check Large icons for Lager Icons

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Tahir Khalil

  • Dec 19th, 2011

You can enlarge desktop icon simply by mouse in Win-7 , that is ( Hold " CTRL Button " and then Move Mouse Scroll To UP ) .. Thnx

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  • Apr 25th, 2012

Right click on desktop-> view-> select any option (large/medium/small icons)

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Mohammad Tarique

  • Sep 19th, 2018

-Go to the Desktop Right click on View tap there multiple option are available (Mediam,Large ,Small and Large Small)

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