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How would you go about improving the performance of a Program, which selects data from MSEG & MKPF?

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Use date ranges to read mkpf data and save them in an internal table. Looping through the internal table, read MSEG, preferably filtering more using any possible selection criteria, to another internal table. Loop through the internal table for further processing. Make sure to read only the required fields from the Tables.

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1.In select query u can use only select field1 field2.......(wat r the fields u want write it)
2.Don user select * in selcet query.
3.You can always use where condinton in select query.
4. dont go for joins .
5.Alway use for FOR ALL ENTRIES to link the two internal table.
6. dont write any state ment with in the loop.

sankaran Ramaiah

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