Universe Parameters

What are Universe Parameters? What does the Parameters tab in Universe Parameters indicate?

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  • Aug 14th, 2008

Universe connection (3 different types), Universe summary, Strategies either built-in or external, result set limit and execution time controls, query and SQL generation paths and finally SQL generation parameters e.g: auto_update_query etc;

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  • Oct 30th, 2008

Universe Parameters are definitions and restrictions that you define for a universe that identify universe and its database connections, specify type of queries that can b run using the universe, and set the controls on the use of system resources.Universe Parameters are defined from the Universe parameters dialogue box (File>Parameters} when you create a universe.The database connection is only parameter that you must manually select or create when you create a new univers.


  • Oct 30th, 2008

The Parameter tab in the universe indicates list of SQL parameters that can b set to optimize SQL generation.The parameters file is still used for many RDBMS specific SQL and connection parameters. following are few dynamic SQL generation parameters available to the universe.

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