Workbench request and Customizing request

What is the difference between workbench request and customizing request?

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  • Oct 14th, 2008

The Transport Organiser maintains Change Requests.These requests record the changes made to the repository and customizing objects.Based on teh objects changed they are
1)WorkBench Request  &   2) Customizing Request.

Workbench Requests are those that involveLeaving content frame changes to cross-client Customising and Repository Objects. The objects are independent of the client.Hence the requests are used for transferring and transporting changed Repository objects and changed system settings from cross-client tables.

Customizing Requests involve changes recorded to client-specific Customizing objects .These client specific requests are used for copying and transporting changed system settings from client-specific tables.

Workbench Request: workbench request is an abap request.
exp: If you creating table or reports,or script etc we can store under the workbench request.
Customizing Request: Customizing Request is a functional request. all the configuration releated transport request stored in customizing request.

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