How to write test scenario in PeopleSoft modules ?

I have to write test scenarios in PeopleSoft Payroll module. I have basic idea about PeopleSoft functionality after reading PeopleBooks but not much experience. So guys please help me to find out the easy way to learn and write different test scenarios in this module.
I will really appreciate it.

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  • Apr 8th, 2009

1. Get the overall BRD, FS and read it completely.
2. Think what types of scenarios could be written for each and every requirement mentioned in the BRD or FS doc.
3. Try writing negative scenarios also.
4. Be sure about the navigations. That is the most important thing as far as testing of peoplesoft modules are concerned.

Hope these points helps. I guess this is a very late reply!

Peoplesoft testing is a rare skillset. All the best


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A test scenario is defined as a sequence of actions that identifies a process to be tested.  It is often presented in story form to help a person conceptualize a complex process.

The best way to write test scenarios for ANY software, PeopleSoft or otherwise, is to study the narratives that are presented in the application's Business Requirements Document (BRD).  In some companies, this is called the Functional Requirements Document (FRD).  Oftentimes, these narratives are described in a manner that requires no modification for testing purposes.  If so, they become your test scenarios.

If you can get your hands on the Work-Flow Diagrams, then you can also author test scenarios for each of the paths in the work flow.  Owing to the size of the company as well as the value it would bring to the software development effort, I would be surprised if PeopleSoft did not have Work-Flow Diagrams for their Customer Relationship Management software. 

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