How can we select multiple rows in a webtable?

How can we select multiple rows in a webtable which has no checkboxes to click and select?
Webtable does not have check box to select. Application has pagination done, so per page the webtable shows 500 rows. To select one row, we need to just click on the specific row at any location.
To select multiple rows manually, CTRL key has to be pressed and need to click on required rows. Please help me out to solve this issue using VBScript or Descriptive programing in QTP

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  • Mar 5th, 2012

hi, i will tell my understanding not sure whether it is perfectly correct or not but i want to share.. u said u have say 50 rows in a webtable with no check boxes. first of all pls spy the rows or try to calculate the rowcount or add particular row to object repository so that u can see the index at the ordinal identifier level .. then based upon the index u write a logic to click the item.

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  • Aug 15th, 2012

Suppose we take yahoo site in yahoo site if u want 1st row 7th column shown below:

write log in code first then click inbox then get the cell data

  1. with browser("title:=.*")

  2. with .page("title:=.*")

  3. nom=.webtable("name:=toggleall").getrowcount

  4. for i=2 to nom step 1

  5. x=.webtable("name:=toggleall").getcelldata(1,7)

  6. msgbox(x)


here 1st row 7th column data
here "nom" is variable
i take total rows data in to "nom"
"x "also variable column data i take in to "x"

if u want clearly explain the question clearly plz..i wil explain u

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  • Nov 16th, 2013

You can download the webtable in an Excel sheet then highlight the required rows in Excel simply by using command. After that you can use those rows the way you wish.

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