Native and Transparent mode in CISCO Switch

What is the different between of native & transparent mode in CISCO Switch

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Native & transparent mode is the mode of operation in VTP domain. VTP is VLan trunking protocol which is used to dynamically updates the switching information to all other switches in the VTP domain. It dynamically updates the changes occur in the switch to all other switches with in the same domain.

The VTP has 3 modes of operation server mode, client mode and transparent mode.

Server mode is the default mode which manages the switching database and it will updates the information to other switches through trunk port.

Client mode which reserves the update and send the update to the server, it doest not send updates to other switches.

Transparent mode is really not the part of VTP domain but its reserves the update and send it to switches in the same domain which connect after it.

This is the mode of operation happened in VTP enables CISCO switches.

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